The First Part of 2016’s Most Anticipated Albums and Some Wishful Thinking…
30th December 2015, 15:30
Posted by Tristan

Celebrating the fantastic year that was 2015 sadly it is time to usher in the new year. With a new year comes Metal head’s favourite treat, new albums. We invite you to come with us to see what we believe to be some of the most anticipated albums of the next coming year. Adding in some that we’re speculating could be up for release into the mix as well.

Dream Theater – The Astonishing

Essentially this release will pretty much speak for itself. Being so late into the band’s life cycle it is an absolute joy to see that a band the calibre of Dream Theatre still thrive on creativity rather pumping up nameless twenty minute epic’s. The band have this time gone for their most ambitious project yet. A double concept album detailing the civil war between a faction named The Ravenskill Rebel Militia and The Great Northern Empire. Speaking to Rolling Stone, Petrucci stated that he wanted each of the characters, all voiced by Labrie, to understand their place within the story, contextual backdrop, emotional ties etc… No doubt it will live up to its name when it’s released on January 29th.

Ihsashn – Arktis

Debuting a brand new track “My Heart Is Of The North” at this year’s Bloodstock festival Ihsahn once again made his mark. Having previously released the experimental Das Seelenbrechen, the man it seems will be opting for a more progressive stand point this coming year. Whatever is released its sure to be an interesting ride!

Ignite – A War Against You 

With a measly ten years between their last release the now iconic Our Darkest Days much time has passed in the Ignite camp. Ranging from singer Zoli Teglas joining Pennywise for a stint at long last the band are back. Set to kick January off to a flying start the Hardcore poster boys will be bringing the positive attitude in full with their new releases and trust us, you don’t want to miss out.

Megadeth – Dystopia 

For those who listened to Super Collider you would agree with me that Megadeth’s future was very much headed towards and end. Nevertheless having proven time and time again there is much life left in Megadeth. Enlisting drummer Chris Adler and guitarist Kiko Loueiro on guitar Dystopia will no doubt be a beast with a lot of bite. Of course in wanton of the classic Megadeth sound yet with the experimental touches of Louerio’s playing will be interesting. Particularly with the guitarist coming from a more Power Metal background…

Steven Wilson – 4 1/2 

Stunning the world over this year with his absolutely pivotal release Hand Cannot Erase, Steven Wilson is poised to release material that was both from the Hand Cannot Erase sessions along with The Raven material. Trying to look at the pieces as their own works in themselves it will no doubt be something to look forward to from the musical Renaissance man.

Revocation – TBC

As no doubt some of you might know my love for Revocation runs deep. Having released their newest album Deathless in 2014 the band are not only known for their relentless touring schedule but for their nigh on clockwork album producing. No doubt main man Dave Davidson will be plentiful in his ideas but it will also be intriguing to see what the band’s new drummer will bring to the table. Mind you he’s got his cut out for him with the blistering legacy that Phil Dubois Coyne left behind…

Meshuggah – TBC

Metals most enigmatic of geniuses, like a less of a pain in the arse version of Tool, Meshuggah take their time between albums. Hoping that we might have been seeing a new album this year sadly we weren’t quite there yet. Creating music as complex as that of Meshuggah no doubt requires countless amounts of hours, to then record the thi takes even longer! Perhaps we might be seeing some new material surface, either way the Swede’s always pull it out of the bag when they do get to it.

Fallujah – TBC

Having proverbially won the world over with their astounding effort The Flesh Prevails the Bay Area quintet began to gain the attention of the all seeing eyes of major label’s now signed to Nuclear Blast will deliver no doubt their most deadly dose of Technical Progressive Metal to date. With a platform the likes of a major label at long last these young upstarts will finally be playing to the kinds of people they should!

Obscura – Akroasis

Set to release their brand new comeback album Akroasis five years after the brilliant Omnivium, Obscura are very much a different entity. With both Hannes Grossmann and Christian Muenzner having left the band it will be a time to see what new sounds might emanate from Obscura’s sphere. Quietly replacing guitarist Tom Fountainhead the string slinger wrote much of the record but is sadly not in the renewed line up. From the sounds of singles “Akroasis” it would seem that Steffen and co are on familiar ground with the dexterity of new blood giving them a tangible edge.

Gorguts – TBC 

Having seen in an interview with the ever friendly Luc Lemay the man has unveiled that there will be a follow up to the absolutely fantastic Colored Sands. Stating that the record will be one track it’s a,de us very interested indeed return with such a strong record as Colored Sands it will be interesting to see what kind of concepts and ideas Lemay has for the new album.

Rotting Christ – Rituals 

Their first material since their devastating Aelo release some many years ago now we have heard the first single and personally it has met my expectations and then some. Showing just why the band are the premier Symphonic Death Metal maestros the band go full throttle.

Textures – Phenotype

At long breaking the silence with the evidence of what the first new sounds of Textures will be sounding like we heard the fantastic “New Horizons“. Describing Textures’ future perfectly the song was the perfect teaser into the evolution of this most genius of bands.

Haken – TBC

On more of a British subject now, quietly making a name for themselves having ale drinkers the world over marvelling over their previous effort The Mountain, Haken are set to make their return this year. Tentatively titled Haken 4 the band began writing mid this year and I would imagine would be looking at Spring release date. With accolades from the mighty Jordan Rudess these Londoners will be rattle those most tweed of hearts and we can’t wait!

Brujeria – Poncho Aslan

Grindcore as vehicle for agression is somewhat of a mystery. Often an album last less than half an hour will take years for a band to create. This particularly being the dad we with our Hombres from Brujeria. Having performed in London we caught up with the honcho El Hongo who told us that the band will be releasing their new album Poncho Aslan soon. Mind you with addition of Jeff Walker and Shane Embury it’s not surprising that it takes the band such a long time to get something released!