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Arms Folded, Neckbeards Grown, London Was Ready For The 10th Anniversary of Haken
31st March 2017, 10:56
Posted by Chris

Admittedly being a bit late on the Haken train, I did feel a bit odd about being amongst 100’s of dedicated fans to celebrate 10 years of being on top of the British Progressive metal chain. It was ever so welcoming though, and an equally monumental London performance.

A New Era of Prog : Meet Nova Collective
27th March 2017, 13:00
Posted by Tristan

Bred on collaborations, the sheer musical dexterity demanded in Prog often brings those with a diverse musical ability together. Ranging from the classics of Yes to the more modern day wailing of Dream Theater, the genre is as Potentiall one of the most expansive in music. Mainstays in the Prog scene Between The Buried and Me unveiled their latest coup de grace which follow with an extensive tour all over Europe and the US. Flying the flag for the British, Proggers Haken were brought along for the ride. Thus a partnership would be forming to create the first steps towards initiating the Nova Collective.

Album of the Year #22: Haken – Affinity
22nd December 2016, 19:28
Posted by Chris

I don’t really know why I didn’t listen to Haken sooner. In perfect honesty, ‘Affinity‘ was the first album I had ever heard by the progressive sextet, but one listen to this album and I was eternally hooked.

Haken Announce Aquarius and Visions Ten Year Anniversary Tour
21st November 2016, 19:14
Posted by Tristan

After releasing their eighties inspired tour de force that is Affinity this year, Haken will soon be celebrating their ten year mark as a band along with re-releasing Aquarius and Visions and will be celebrating in style! 

Haken photo 2
An Interview With : Charlie Griffifths (Haken)
12th July 2016, 14:19
Posted by Tristan

Speaking the same musical language can often be a simple idea that can be incredibly complex forging musicality into something truly spectacular. Releasing their brand new album Affinity earlier this year Haken began a new chapter in their progressive story. Focusing more on the hey day of the eighties the album has an overall nostalgic feeling to it echoing the likes of some of our favourites of the times. Enlisting new bassist who had more than proven himself on the EP Restoration Connor Green was a symbolism for the band’s musica affinity. A relative term that can span from our close relations to grander concepts the likes of humanity. Prior to their London appearance at The Garage we were invited on the band’s temporary space shuttle to speak with guitarist and resident guru Charlie Griffiths about the album, Transformers  and the band’s faultless dialogue with their instruments. 

Haken Live At The Garage : Live Review
31st May 2016, 12:00
Posted by Tristan

Understanding within a band is simply crucial, creating a palpable sound that immediately enraptures the listener comes from understanding. Finalising their line up with Conner Green, Haken have truly understood both their purpose and their sound. Demonstrating their flawless musicianship the band arrive in Islington on the second date of their Affinitour tonight for a banquet of progressive musical tones.

2016 Best Music Releases So Far
23rd May 2016, 14:10
Posted by Tristan

2016 certainly has thrown down the gauntlet in terms of Metal releases. Despite us only just coming into the month of June so far we have had some absolutely astounding releases. From comebacks to phenomenal debuts, expansive work to avant garde madness this is a list chronicling just some of the newest releases this year. Today we will be looking at some of the releases from the first third of the year and boy are there some truly top additions.

Album Review : Haken – Affinity
28th April 2016, 16:30
Posted by Tristan

Soon to be a relic of the past, the eighties have always been the unsung heroes of the past decades. Depending on the era you were born in the children of the nineties will never quite be on the same plain as those who were born in the eighties. Era of the cult film, possibly the most lucrative music has been and of course Sci-Fi. With this in mind we delve into Haken’s Affinity, exploring the other dark side of the moon with some slightly different Brits. Hang onto something!

Haken Release Video For “The Endless Knot”
11th April 2016, 15:30
Posted by Tristan

As the release of their excellent new album Affininty draws near Haken released second taster of what just to expect from the record. 

Haken Release Brand New Video For “Initiate”
18th March 2016, 14:44
Posted by Tristan

The long wait for brand new Haken material has indeed now come to an end as the band premiere their brand new video for “Initiate”.

Haken Set To Release Brand New Album Affinity This April
9th February 2016, 17:42
Posted by Tristan

Posting in their Facebook today a mysterious Haken OsV 4 0.1 link we have been transported into the new incarnation of Haken and their brand new album Affinity. 

2016 pOster
The First Part of 2016’s Most Anticipated Albums and Some Wishful Thinking…
30th December 2015, 15:30
Posted by Tristan

Celebrating the fantastic year that was 2015 sadly it is time to usher in the new year. With a new year comes Metal head’s favourite treat, new albums. We invite you to come with us to see what we believe to be some of the most anticipated albums of the next coming year. Adding in some that we’re speculating could be up for release into the mix as well.