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2017 And Some Of The Best So Far
26th April 2017, 10:30
Posted by Tristan

Despite it only being April, there have been some absolutely staggeringly good releases so far. I thought that it might be pertinent to show just what kind of calibre of releases we have been treated to in the first four months of the year and its an absolute white wash across the board of talent.

Album Review : Obituary – Obituary
15th March 2017, 12:00
Posted by Tristan

Prehistoric in their art, the Florida swamp stompers are the fathers of Death Metal. Pounding their way onto the scene in the heyday of the nineties, subtlety has never been their strong point. Returning in 2014 with the gore drenched Inked In Blood, Obituary enter the fold once more to deliver their tenth studio album, simply titled Obituary.

Five Of Obituary’s Best Tracks And A New One
8th February 2017, 11:39
Posted by Tristan

Announcing their brand new self titled album for a March 17th release via Relapse, we had one listen to the brand new track and it got us feeling nostalgic. Obituary, no doubt have countless classics but here are five rippers (along with a new one) that we love. 

Obituary Unveil First Track “Sentence Day” 
19th January 2017, 10:50
Posted by Tristan

The first off their brand new self titled album. 

Obituary Announce Self Titled Album In March
11th January 2017, 17:38
Posted by Tristan

Florida redneck stompers Obituary have announced their brand new album will be released March 17th. 

2017 : A Look Ahead
10th January 2017, 15:45
Posted by Tristan

As much as there has been some absolutely pedigree Metal released in 2016, it was perhaps not the best of years. Trump is soon to be president, we lost a truly insane amount of celebrities amongst some were David Bowie, not to mention all the disasters that occurred every day and to cap it all off the horrendous news of Team Rock’s potential demise.

Decibel Tour 2017 Announced
7th December 2016, 14:00
Posted by Tristan

And it’s got some killer bands. 

Bloodstock Announce Three More Bands For 2017
23rd November 2016, 10:30
Posted by Tristan

Swamps, The Polish and Mexicans! 

An Interview With : Donald Tardy (Obituary)
24th November 2015, 12:00
Posted by Tristan

One of the mainstays of the infamous genre that is Death Metal, Obituary lay dormant for the most of the beginning of this decade. Awakening from their cryosleep the band released their brand new album Inked In Blood last year. Deciding to go it alone without a record label, the band decided to begin writing new material. Now as much as the double edged sword of modern technology can be swift to cut you down it can also be an incredibly useful tool. Deciding that the band would be going the way of crowd funding the band raised the $60,000 needed to make the album in just one day. However it then set in the reality of just how much work was about to be put into the band’s return to form…

Live Review : Deathcrusher – Featuring : Carcass, Obituary, Napalm Death And Voivod
2nd November 2015, 15:00
Posted by Tristan

The world is very much a different place than it was back in the day. The ability of streaming, social media and the like it makes it easier than ever to be able to listen to music but not necessarily support the artist. With this in mind the focus has been brought to the detail surrounding tours, offering a more eclectic line up in recent days.

Ex Obituary / Gorgoroth Bassist Frank Watkins Dies
19th October 2015, 09:00
Posted by Tristan

Even more sad news in the Metal community to report with the passing of Frank Watkins. 

Deathcrusher Fest Announced Featuring Carcass, Obituary and Voivod
1st July 2015, 17:30
Posted by Tristan

Get your fill of the heaviest line up for the year.