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What Happened When Kreator And Sepultura Rolled Into London?
10th March 2017, 17:23
Posted by Tristan

With terror being rife throughout the world, bands are increasing their reaction to the worlds current events. Ranging from all sorts of formats, one well rehearsed in the ways of battle are the German leaders st the vanguard of Thrash Kreator. Having returned after their five year material absence, the band have reasserted themselves firmly at the top of the second wave of Thrash Metal table. However it would seem that not only Kreator are born anew, as Brazilian counterparts Sepultura also unveiled their latest semi political statement Machine Messiah. Teaming up along with some help from both Soilwork and Aborted, the four band would match over Europe in a defiant conquering of venues far and wide. This time their march was headed toward Kentish Town’s Forum.

Five Tracks To Die For This Valentines Day
14th February 2017, 12:08
Posted by Tristan

Featuring necrophilia, deception and dismemberment! 

UK Tech Fest 2017 First Line Up Revealed
12th December 2016, 13:57
Posted by Tristan

It’s got to be their best yet. 

Kreator Announce Tour With Sepultura, Soilwork and Aborted
11th May 2016, 15:15
Posted by Tristan

Planning ahead seems to be key in the minds of Kreator, putting together another brilliant bill the band will be returning to European shores but not for a while.

Aborted Launch Play Through Video
22nd April 2016, 12:15
Posted by Tristan

Celebrating the release of their brand new album Retrogore the band have released yet another new song from the new album. 

Album Review : Aborted – Retrogore
20th April 2016, 15:19
Posted by Tristan

Fear itself is very much a concept that we as humans tease. In our endless search for stimulation of the mind, the darker reaches demand for an experience where we experience the feelings of terror yet are all the while in a safe environment. Simulating the entire experience watching our often doomed cohorts in Horror films whilst we remain in our comfy seats. Used as a huge influence Aborted have been the aural simulation of this phenomenon. Now with their new album Retrogore, create a homage to Horror where the tables are turned and instead our maniacal madmen are in the driving seat and we the listener are now the protagonist and our seats are no longer comfy. 

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Aborted Release Video For Divine Impediment
8th April 2016, 19:40
Posted by Chris

The band are touching on their blackened death metal side, with a little Behemoth-esque track and video!

Aborted Unveil Title Track “Retrogore” Single and Begin Preorders
8th March 2016, 18:00
Posted by Tristan

The time has come to listen to brand new Aborted

An Interview With : Sven De Caluwe and Ken Bedene (Aborted)
15th February 2016, 13:00
Posted by Tristan

Following the announcement on Friday that the band will be releasing their brand new album Retrogore this April 29th I was lucky enough to be able to sit down with Sven and Ken with a little bit of new guitarist Ian to discuss all things Aborted. Catching them at their appearance with Bloodbath in London last year celebrating their twentieth year together speaking about not only how the band have remained current in the Death Metal movement but how twenty years has seen the band exceed expectations right up until their brand new album where we are introduced to a new age of Aborted.

EP Review : Aborted – Termination Redux
13th January 2016, 18:30
Posted by Tristan

Christmas may have only just passed but here we are getting an early present from Aborted. Celebrating their landmark twentieth anniversary the band saw it fitting that they would commend such an occasion be releasing Termination Redux. Not quite the album that many are after but serves as a fantastic aperitif to the main course which will be dished out this spring.

Live Review : Bloodbath – Aborted and Ancient Ascendants
21st December 2015, 17:00
Posted by Tristan

Returning back to the fray with last year’s effort Bloodbath kicked the metaphorical dirt back into our faces. Enlisting Paradise Lost vocalist Nick Holmes to act as the band’s vocal pariah the band crafted an instant classic. Sporadically coming together due to the difficult logistical element surrounding the band, London was under communion for what would be a truly bloodthirsty night. Celebrating the most unholy of trinities Camden’s Electric Ballroom saw its floodgates open for the arrival of Death Metal’s filthy heroes.

Aborted Release Brand New Blood Soaked Video For Termination EP
7th December 2015, 18:28
Posted by Tristan

Keeping fairly quiet about recent rumblings in the Aborted camp the band have unsuspectingly unleashed their title track from their brand new EP Termination Redux. Be warned the video is NSFW.