Album Review : Aborted – Retrogore
20th April 2016, 15:19
Posted by Tristan

Fear itself is very much a concept that we as humans tease. In our endless search for stimulation of the mind, the darker reaches demand for an experience where we experience the feelings of terror yet are all the while in a safe environment. Simulating the entire experience watching our often doomed cohorts in Horror films whilst we remain in our comfy seats. Used as a huge influence Aborted have been the aural simulation of this phenomenon. Now with their new album Retrogore, create a homage to Horror where the tables are turned and instead our maniacal madmen are in the driving seat and we the listener are now the protagonist and our seats are no longer comfy. 


  1. Dellamorte Dellamore
  2. Retrogore
  3. Cadaverous Collection
  4. Whoremaggedon
  5. Termination Redux
  6. Bit By Bit
  7. Divine Impediment
  8. Coven of Ignorance
  9. The Mephitic Conundrum
  10. Forged For Decrepitude
  11. From Beyond (The Grave)
  12. In Avernus

Length: 43:00
Label: Century Media Records
Release date: April 22nd 2016

Now on their tenth album Aborted have put in more than enough mileage,  touring tirelessly in order to reach new audiences this experience has indeed paid off. Slowly but surely evolving with each different release the band capitalise on the use of space with Retrogore. Coupling their voracious riffing make for the likes of “Cadaverous Collection” to be to the point without being overbearing. Very much a homage to Horror Retrogore has its fair share of brilliant excerpts cherry picked by the band to give that blood splattered character. Stripping back their sound, standout “Bit By Bit” creates a nefarious atmosphere particularly with the mad scientist introduction that would have Mengele taking notes. Mimicking our flaying influenced story yet instead of going for the jugular, the band slowly but surely pick apart the track to a truly fantastic gruesome finale. 

Shortly followed by “Divine Impediment” another malevolently crafted track, where we see the first of our guest vocal appearance from non other than alien hominid Travis Ryan with his immediately recognisable vocals working brilliantly in tandem with  De Caluwe‘s shrill highs. Nevertheless Ken Bedene stakes his claim to the Death Metal throne with outstanding drum work. Understanding exactly when to pick up the pace whilst guitarists JB and Ian ensnare the listener with melody. Having not lost their humour the brilliantly titled “Whoremageddon” brings the slam which contrasted against the band’s new maturing sound makes for differentiation. Though well executed tracks could merge together in the past, here each song has its designated scene creating the perfect macabre setting. Retrogore possessing a different identity to previous, takes Dave Davidson‘s appearance on the bulldozing “Coven Of Ignorance“. Another well defined structurally sound track with a ghoulish outro working to flaunt the more multifaceted angles of the band’s approach.

But it’s the tail end of the album reveals the true monster “Forged For Decrepitude” unleashes a razor sharp riff coupled with a run of harmonics before a miasma of melody. Bursting through with the howl of a thousand Deadites “The Mephitic Conundrum” guaranteed to be a headbanger in the band’s live set is easily a brutal highlight and the final conflict of “In Avernus” leaves the listener despondent yet wanting more. Picking up exactly where Manifesto left off Retrogore sees musical ideas that were explored in previous releases brought to light and makes for one of the most interesting Aborted listens in a long while. Throughout the record the band are hot on the heels of the listener, just out of our hideous creations’ clasp yet gaining pace all the while. Lovers of Horror, the band seem to understand just what makes the skin crawl. Celebrating all there is to love in the ghoulish fascination of Horror, Retrogore brings a vintage style with a modern sound as the perfect love letter to the genre proving that sometimes it’s good to let be in the passengers seat, particularly when the ride is as brilliant as this. 

Taking all the best elements from the Horror genre, Aborted at once celebrate their macabre ways whilst introducing a heart pounding new sonic assault. Rabid from start to finish Retrogore is a masterclass in Death Metal.

If you like what you / read heard then you can pick up the brand new album here!