Reimagining The Contortionist At Download With Robby Baca
20th June 2017, 10:52
Posted by Tristan

The nature of progressive music is to challenge the musical apartheid. Thriving on creativity, The Contortionist are a band like no other. Enlisting the vocal stylings of one Michael Lessard, the band made a radical departure from their previous offering that was Intrinsic in the form of 2014’s Language. Earning critical acclaim from across the board with fans alike, it sparked what could well be a paradigm shift for the modern age of Progressive Metal. HavingĀ unveiled their latest single “Reimagined” to come off September’s forthcoming album Clairvoyant the band have once again rewritten the rules.

The most malleable of genres, the definition of Progressive can be applied to any kind of music. Independent of genre the idea is one of lofty creativity, often misinterpreted to be the likes of John Petrucci’s twenty hour long guitar solos. Breaking away from this stereotype, the Metal community in particular, have begun to think somewhat out of the box in this medium. Absolutely flooring yours truly, I was truly not expecting what I got from Language. A fledgling band the likes of The Contortionist, released what could well have been the album of 2014. Understanding the musical ebb and flow the band took a gigantic leap forward not only for themselves but for the younger generation of Prog.

Performing at this years Download Festival, The Contortionist brought their multi faceted live show to the masses. Having only just left the UK after their support slot with Periphery, its clear to see that there are big things planned for this band. The absolute gentleman that is Robby Baca very kindly set aside some time before their Friday whilst I quizzed him on not only new track “Reimagined” but the bands newly announced Clairvoyant record.

Clairvoyant is set for a September 12th release but you can preorder the record now here!