Live Review : Leprous + Sphere + Rendezvous Point
15th October 2015, 16:30
Posted by Tristan

The best laids plans of mice and men often go awry. Arriving bright eyed and bushy tailed for tonight’s performance it seems that perhaps our Norwegian’s don’t share quite the same enthusiasm. Annoyingly the band are stuck in traffic after some problems in transit but at last arrive at the slightly later than planned time. Normally not being an issue but as we are treated to three bands on tonight’s bill it does cause some problems for some.

13th October 2015
The Garage
London, Highbury & Islington
Support Bands: Sphere, Rendezvous Point

Up first are newcomers Rendezvous Point, on the tips of everyone’s tongues tonight the band are first to wake the weary up. Comprised of the now drummer of Leprous Baard Kolstad and the touring guitarist for the band many of the fans in front of the band have already heard the band. Lying somewhere in the middle of the lighter acts and the more Meshuggah influenced sounds the band deliver but don’t ensnare. Undeniable that each member in the band definitely knows their instrument, unfortunately singer … seems a slight bit wooden tonight. Perhaps due to the unplanned frantic set up the front man might not have been in the zone but tonight feels a little tense,during remditins of “Mirrors” the singer almost double checks himself. Nevertheless due to the late arrive sound check goes out the window so perhaps I’m being a little harsh.   A intriguing band which will no doubt be aided by the addition of Leprous man Kolstad in their advancement but not tonight.

leprous_0010_Layer 1

As the evening seems to settle down its once again a rushed affair to get Sphere on after the slightly cut set of Rendezvous Point. With the band jumping straight into it the energy of the band is there which makes for their delivery of riffs to be all the more impactful. With bassist’s guitar glowing red the band perform a tight set but yet again, for me just didn’t quite do it. Nevertheless the musical performance was more than adequate, performing tracks off their brand new album Primordial it seems that the band definitely have potential.

leprous_0009_Layer 2

Admirable of Leprous to bring the band out on their smaller tour, aiming to get the band even more exposure the Norwegian’s plunder yet another shortened set. Which from the crowds reaction would have welcomed more of the bands material, having previously performed at this year’s Euroblast festival I would imagine that we will be seeing more of the band in the future no doubt. Sadly tonight however due to the hangover of the late arrival the band are cheated of a longer set.

leprous_0005_Layer 6

Nevertheless the show must indeed go on! One final scramble to get the band on stage in time before the hallowed curfew. As the lights dim and the subliminal grooves of “The Flood” get louder and louder we welcome Leprous with open arms. Acting as a fantastic opening sentence the track slowly eases fans into the band’s now coined sound. Harvesting anticipation until the explosive burst of the chorus where Einar Sorensen vocals bellow their inimitable falsetto’s. The spastic bounce of The Congregation banger “Third Law” see more of the band’s new material emerge after Coal “Foe” igniting roars of approval. With touring guitarist Petter Hallaraker proving more than his worth as he covers resident Øystein who has just become a father. Hardly an easy task with the deceptively tricky riffing on the likes of “The Price”, yet somehow the guitarist manages to pull off the track with ease.

leprous_0002_Layer 9

Yet it seems to be the slow burners that truly captivate the audience tonight, tailing out of a more experimental “Chronic” the ordered lines of piano come in for “Rewind” as the climbing bass begins meticulously putting each piece of the puzzle together and executed with terrifying efficiency. Mired once again by technical difficulties the band encounter more problems with sound afterwards, as patience is a virtue the issue is sorted out and the band return to their monochrome emotions. Going slightly further back into the wonderful, weird wold of Bilateral the band’s sound is an “Acquired Taste“, showcasing their softer side, which is still just as haunting bringing Sorensen’s sorrowful vocals into the limelight once again and whilst the band might maintain a tight sense of unity the song showcases a beautiful solo present more in the band’s earlier work.

leprous_0007_Layer 4

Spearheaded into renditions of four tracks from the new album the band bring to life the psychotically titled “Red” followed by the decidedly moody “Slave” progressing further down in the depths of the human psyche with the run of tracks to include “Down” and “Lower” but its the grand finale of nine minute closer “The Valley” that truly steals the show tonight a transcendental finale leaving all of The Garage punters reeling. Leprous might only be onto their fourth album but they are fast escaping their shackles that have previously kept them down with much of tonight’s material consisting of The Congregation, the tracks that do look slightly further back merely enhance the band’s fierce progression. Unfortunate with the surrounding problems, yet regardless the Norwegians triumph over adversity tonight. Absolutely stellar.