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Reimagining The Contortionist At Download With Robby Baca
20th June 2017, 10:52
Posted by Tristan

The nature of progressive music is to challenge the musical apartheid. Thriving on creativity, The Contortionist are a band like no other. Enlisting the vocal stylings of one Michael Lessard, the band made a radical departure from their previous offering that was Intrinsic in the form of 2014’s Language. Earning critical acclaim from across the board with fans alike, it sparked what could well be a paradigm shift for the modern age of Progressive Metal. Having unveiled their latest single “Reimagined” to come off September’s forthcoming album Clairvoyant the band have once again rewritten the rules.

The Contortionist – “Reimagined”
6th June 2017, 08:15
Posted by Tristan

At last, yesterday The Contortionist broke the silence surrounding their brand new album by releasing their first single “Reimagined” from the forthcoming record Clairvoyant out September 15th.

All You Need To Check Out At Download 2017
2nd June 2017, 11:05
Posted by Tristan

Hard to believe that we are now six months into the year of 2017. Thus far we’ve had the great orange tango monster up to his usual tricks once more, a divided English parliament that has called for a snap election and far more importantly some brilliant releases. Yet as we hit the halfway mark its also indicative of yet another mainstay of the year, Download Festival 2017.

The Contortionist Share Studio Update
18th January 2017, 12:15
Posted by Tristan

We get a little update from the band that has made us even more excited for the brand new album. 

The Contortionist Recording Album
10th January 2017, 11:20
Posted by Tristan

Previously we have seen some small updates from over at Michael Lessard‘s own Facebook account but we can now confirm that The Contortionist are in the studio. 

Periphery Announce European and UK Tour
9th December 2016, 17:10
Posted by Tristan

With support coming from the Italians in Destrage and The Contortionist.

Dance Gavin Dance Announce New Tour
28th July 2016, 12:13
Posted by Tristan

With some great and somewhat ecelctic support!

An Interview With : Michael Lessard (The Contortionist)
16th March 2016, 19:30
Posted by Tristan

Reliant on both intuition and assessment we as a species endure the constant battle of nature versus nurture. On the one hand it is arguable that our behavioural patterns exhibit evidence of cognitive learning through the way that we are raised. However on the other hand there is the argument that our upbringing is inconsequential and that we are in fact reliant on instinct. Fascinated by these philosophical queries we spoke to The Contortionist vocalist Michael Lessard regarding their phenomenal album Language, its fruition and ultimately the very near future where we have only just seen the beginning of the bands parable.

Tesseract Live At London’s Koko
15th February 2016, 19:00
Posted by Tristan

Once again we are plagued to the greedy maw of London’s venues with a particularly early start time at London’s Koko tonight to ensure that Club NME can still go ahead… However before that we embark on a journey of the metaphysical in both sound and spirit. Joined by Nordic Giants and The Contortionist, Tesseract will take to a sold out Koko’s stage later this evening to reveal just what makes this band absolutely exceptional.

The Contortionist Announce Huge US Tour
19th January 2016, 20:00
Posted by Tristan

And they’re bringing Monuments along for the ride! 

Tesseract Announce European Tour Dates
24th August 2015, 12:40
Posted by Tristan

It would seem that Tesseract are certainly gearing up for their brand new album. Having announced previously that the band will be embarking on an Australian tour later this year with Caligula’s Horse before hitting up the state’s and now its Europe’s turn.

Tesseract Announce US tour
17th August 2015, 17:56
Posted by Tristan

Previously having announced that Tesseract will be hitting up the lower section of the world in Australia the band have now announced an extensive US tour.