A Quest In Prog With Pallbearer
16th April 2017, 11:45
Posted by Tristan

Releasing their absolutely astounding new record Heartless in February, Pallbearer have run the gamut for album of the year. Expanding on their already wonderous horizons, the soundscapes of Heartless recall a nod to the classic era of the seventies but why do people forever associate Pallbearer with Doom and not Prog?

Despite their common accolade of a brilliant Doom Metal band, looking behind the slow baleful riffs, lies an undercurrent of Prog. Particularly on their brand new album, though not strictly a concept record the album is tied together in theme. Specifically that of a musical format with specific melodies following a set pattern even creating a narrative where, similar to the musical coda the band return to their initial cadence. Whilst the band were over in the UK last week I sat down with three quarters of them to not only chat Prog but find out who The Big Four Of Prog might well be…

Pallbearer’s brand new album is out now via Nuclear Blast.