The Metalist Guide To : Tech-Fest 
8th July 2015, 16:30
Posted by Tristan

Festival season is once again upon us and with the arrival of this weekend we see some of the premier Technical Metal hitting the UK. Featuring various bands from all over the world coming together for the special three day weekender, Friday’s head liner Betraying The Martyrs, Saturday’s smasher Heart Of A Coward and finalising Sunday Decapitated.


Heavy Metal Ninjas – SATURDAY 15:30  :

These bunch of tongue in cheek metallers are hailing all the way from New Zealand and will be performing their own brand of instrumental metal. Formed of, the band have some serious chops and will most definitely be one of the highlights of the festivals main stage.


Agent Fresco – SATURDAY 20:00 :

In more multinational news we welcome Agent Fresco this year performing for the first time across the rather large pond, the group from Iceland will be Saturday’s main support and promise to offer  a beautiful rendition of their off kilter progressive style, a band that everyone should take note of. Particularly when their brand new album Destrier will be released next month!


Nexilva – FRIDAY – 18:00 :

From Sunderland these talented bunch of young un’s will be delivering their brand of Progressive Death Metal on Friday. Be sure to check out their set, feautring new songs to capture new fans and a different set list for those of old!


Decapitated – SUNDAY 21:30 :

Finishing up the weekend will see the aural assault of the Polish kind. Having toured all over the UK supporting the mighty Behemoth or whoever else it’s about time that Decapitated saw their rightful place as headliners! Closing the main stage for Sunday the band will be delivering tracks from Death Metal classic Organic Hallucinosis to new Blood Mantra and will definitely not be one to miss.


Leprous – FRIDAY 20:00 :

Norwegian born Leprous are Friday’s main support before the headline act. Having released their phenomenal new album The Congregation the band are firing on all the right cylinders. Having mastered their approach of light technical metal the band feature soaring vocals, air tight guitar work and will no doubt be setting the bar incredibly high before our Friday night closers.


Betraying The Martyrs FRIDAY  – 21:30 :

Hailing from France Betraying the Martyrs will be closing the main stage this Friday, after much notoriety with their cover of a late Disney classic “Let It Go” the band have become a larger than usual name. Comprised of breakdowns, soaring vocals and the usual thudderings you associate withthe genre they will no doubt have a fantastic audience and ignite the crowd.


Heart Of A Coward – SATURDAY 21:30 :

Set to the release their brand new album soon,  Heart Of A Coward will be appearing at Tech Fest in the coveted position of Saturday’s headliner. Delivering their brand of accessible tech metal, oriented groove and some fantastic vocal lines they will no doubt be one to watch. Perhaps there might even a new song premiere, you can always hope!


No Consequence – SUNDAY  16 :30 :

Returning this year with the release of their brand new album Vimana the band recently performed a fantastic live show with Monuments in London where we saw some of the new material performed. Now that the new album has been out for a couple of week their appearance this weekend will no doubt have us all singing along with jams old and new!


Monuments – SUNDAY  20:00 :

For those who weren’t at Monuments’ headline show at The Borderline you’re in luck, able to catch the band on another go round the group will be main support on Sunday’s main stage. A performance that will no doubt floor the crowd, particularly when vocalist extraordinaire Chris Baretto asks that the audience “take a knee” for those of you who know and for those who don’t it will be Monumental.


Slice The Cake –  SATURDAY 16:30 :

One of the biggest advances in modern day technology is the fact that people can speak to each other from all over the world. Deciding to go with this concept and run with it Slice The Cake are a band that have released two album but have never performed together. Owing to the fact that it’s members are spread all over the world,but now for the first time the band will perform at this years Tech Fest! People will most certainly have their cake and eat it.


Haken – SUNDAY  18:00 :

Not only supporting progressive giants Between The Buried And Me this autumn the band will be performing on Sunday’s main stage. Delivering progressive music with King Crimson-esque tendencies to Queen likening on classic “The Cockroach King”. It will be a sight to behold to hear an entire crowd sing a acapella that would have Mercury himself blush.


Tech Fest is held at Newark Showground from 10th to 13th of July so get your asses down there!