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Decapitated : The (Anti)Cult Classic
11th July 2017, 11:00
Posted by Tristan

Decapitated. One of the biggest debates among metalheads, the absolute epitome of old vs new. Beginning at such a young age, these pioneers of Death Metal had a pretty rough and ultimately uncertain future ahead. In their inception the band would be more akin to the likes of Morbid Angel or Deicide. What would come next many deem as Death Metal royalty, Nihility, an album that is just as relevant to this day as it was back in 2001. Not stopping for anything the band forged ahead again, with The Negation further cementing their sound until their Death Metal zenith that was Organic Hallucinosis.

Take a Walk Through The “Never” And Join Decapitated In The Anticult
28th April 2017, 08:13
Posted by Tristan

One of the most exciting bands to have ever come out of Poland. At The young age of sixteen, Decapitated unveiled Winds of Creation. A record that even by today’s standards is held up in incredibly high regard. Being plagued with all manner of setbacks, some far more impactful than others, tenacity has been the band’s mantra throughout their career and today they have announced a brand new chapter in the form of new album Anticult. 

June Is Death Metal Month
18th April 2017, 10:33
Posted by Tristan

It seems that the Death Metal gods have smiled upon the month of June to be the month where the deluge of Metal is to be set upon us. 

2017 : A Look Ahead
10th January 2017, 15:45
Posted by Tristan

As much as there has been some absolutely pedigree Metal released in 2016, it was perhaps not the best of years. Trump is soon to be president, we lost a truly insane amount of celebrities amongst some were David Bowie, not to mention all the disasters that occurred every day and to cap it all off the horrendous news of Team Rock’s potential demise.

Bloodstock Announce Three More Bands For 2017
23rd November 2016, 10:30
Posted by Tristan

Swamps, The Polish and Mexicans! 

Decapitated Taking Legal Action To Former Label
27th June 2016, 16:06
Posted by Chris

It always sucks to hear that the business side of the music industry isn’t all farts and smiles, but sadly it is just the way it is. Technical death metallers Decapitated have now had to take legal action over their former label for unpaid royalties.

Decapitated Release Live Video Of “Blood Mantra”
27th May 2016, 10:00
Posted by Tristan

Decapitated have brought forward a video showing them what they do best, performing live. 

Decapi band promo 2014
An Interview With : Vogg And Rasta (Decapitated)
30th March 2016, 12:59
Posted by Tristan

Definition of a band can be a double edged sword, known for their machine like accuracy from their infancy Decapitated have shared a rhythmic unity that most bands could only hope for. Limitless in their ability strangely it has pigeonholed the band into the niche of Technical Death Metal. Ever evolving owing to many different line up changes the band have indeed been out through their paces. Releasing their most recent effort Blood Mantra saw the band once again strive in a new direction. Adopting techniques implemented throughout their career the band decided to go for an all important groove approach. With a relentless touring schedule the band are among some of the hardest working in the business. Making a pit stop at London’s Electric Ballroom we were lucky enough to be able to speak to both Vogg and Rasta about the band, their current incarnation and the pioneering search of their sound soon to be exhibited when they enter the studio this December.

Live Review : Decapitated And Sylosis At The Electric Ballroom
9th March 2016, 12:30
Posted by Tristan

In the ever expanding world of Metal tour packages are slowly becoming more and more eclectic. With the likes of many a band in the states opting for a variety in their performance tonight we are shown variety in a more European sense. Teaming up to head out together on a short co-headline tour British born Sylosis and Polish underdogs Decapitated should be polarising opposites but the pairing is a fantastic combination making for a variety in the very pedigree of Metal bands of the modern day.

Sylosis Release One Off Single Before UK Tour
29th February 2016, 13:00
Posted by Tristan

Set to embark on their UK co-headline tour with label mates Decapitated, Sylosis have announced that they have released brand new track. 

Decapitated Release Video For ‘Veins’
27th January 2016, 11:05
Posted by Chris

With their album ‘Blood Mantra‘ being one of the technical metal gems of 2014, the band have released a new video for the pummelling track ‘Veins‘.

Sylosis And Decapitated Announce Co Headline Tour
9th November 2015, 15:00
Posted by Tristan

In more excellent news that UK fans have to look forward to in 2016 Modern Metal heavyweights Sylosis will be returning this time with Decapitated in tow for a double header.