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Bringing War and Wreaking Havok at The Underworld
11th April 2017, 15:10
Posted by Tristan

War in the modern world is an ever changing entity. Though it’s sentiment remains the same, it’s means change with the times. With this in mind, Thrash Metal and all of it’s totalitarian prophecies has never been more pertinent. Leaders of the new movement of Modern Thrash the charge is led by Havok, whilst biting at their heels is Warbringer. Embarking on an extensive European tour together the two Teutonic bands bring with them support in the form of Exmortus, the Death Metal come Thrash Metal virtuosos and French Gorod.

A Lesson In War With John Kevill (Warbringer)
6th April 2017, 15:47
Posted by Tristan

A mainstay in the ever evolving world of Metal, Thrash has very much, belligerently stuck to its roots. Inspired by the atrocities committed by the common man, war is a central theme to the genre. With time being it’s ally War adapts to the use of technology often to devastating effect. Releasing their brand new album Woe To The Vanquished, Warbringer explore these themes and more but when I sat down with John Kevill I certainly got more than just a history lesson! 

Warbringer Release First New Track “Silhouettes”
20th January 2017, 11:15
Posted by Tristan

Listen to the first new song from Warbringer’s return,Woe To The Vanquished. 

2017 : A Look Ahead
10th January 2017, 15:45
Posted by Tristan

As much as there has been some absolutely pedigree Metal released in 2016, it was perhaps not the best of years. Trump is soon to be president, we lost a truly insane amount of celebrities amongst some were David Bowie, not to mention all the disasters that occurred every day and to cap it all off the horrendous news of Team Rock’s potential demise.

Havok Announce New Album And US / European tour
21st December 2016, 11:25
Posted by Tristan

Christmas has come early for Havok fans. 

Warbringer Will Return Announcing Brand New Album, Artwork and Release Date
13th December 2016, 11:00
Posted by Tristan

At last they have broken the silence. 

Warbringer Sign With Napalm Records
23rd June 2016, 17:30
Posted by Tristan

Excellent news from the Thrashers!