Warbringer Release First New Track “Silhouettes”
20th January 2017, 11:15
Posted by Tristan

Listen to the first new song from Warbringer’s return,Woe To The Vanquished. 

What seems like an age since their last release of IV : Empires Collapse at last we had news of brand new Warbringer material. Announcing their new album, the day has finally come to hear brand new music from the band. 

Silhouettes” the first track off the new record is every bit as Warbringer as you might expect however it’s a lot angrier than we have seen the band previously. The seriously fast paced Thrash ripper, speeds through featuring a brilliant solo and as ever some world class vocals. Personally I think we might have a contender for one of the best releases of the year on the way with this one. They’ve been gone for a while but they’re back and they mean business. 

Check out a statement from Kevill himself :

This song, the album opener, is a blazing and intense number, we wanted the album to open with pure annihilation. I had the lyric in my head and the frantic riff under the verse since the beginning of 2014, and I am very pleased that it exists as a full song now. 

The idea for the song came from a particularly chilling detail found at Hiroshima and Nagasaki; when the atomic bombs went off the shadows of people whose bodies were vaporized still remain burned onto the walls and the ground where they once stood. To me, this is goddamn horrifying. I thought- “What if the souls of those dead remain trapped in the shadows?”

The idea was to have the song written from a future where civilization has failed, the Earth is in ruins and the few remaining survivors live a horrible existence. The untold millions of shadows from this future, burnt into stone, look back at us in the present time and judge us for bringing about the apocalypse that, though we saw it coming, we did nothing to avoid.

The way I see it, we continue funding weaponry that keeps getting more and more devastating (search “satan-2″ if you think this issue is some relic), and leadership seems on a sharp downward trend as well. Not the ingredients for a positive outcome. Remember, it only takes one mistake, once, and everything everyone has ever built, written, painted, all music, all culture, every ounce of human achievement is gone, in a single blinding flash. Like it or not, this is the world we live in today, and entering 2017 the delicate balance tips and sways more and more.”

“Silhouettes” is the first track to come off their new album titled Woe To The Vanquished which you can preorder before it’s March 31st release here!