Warbringer Sign With Napalm Records
23rd June 2016, 17:30
Posted by Tristan

Excellent news from the Thrashers! 

Warbringer, a brilliant band that had somewhat of a derailment when a couple of members decided to call it quits. The band haven’t been up to much as far as we can see and some might have thought that their number may well have been up but today they announce a signing with Napalm Records.

This is a good thing for two reasons, the band are now in a new contract giving them potentially more freedom and more access to things they potentially weren’t able to access previously and when a brand get into a new contract that usually means there’s new material on the horizon. 

Speaking to Warbringer frontman the man has said : 

“We have been writing for the last couple months, the riffs are flowing and the new material is sounding goddamn lethal.
“We are planning to record at the end of summer and release it early next year, followed by a full worldwide touring campaign.”

Sounds good to us! Stay tuned for more info regarding new Warbringer material.