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Havok, Fallujah and More Announce For Bloodstock 2017
20th June 2017, 14:00
Posted by Tristan

As we’re almost nearing the time for Bloodstock the final couple of announcements are rolling in and they’ve got some brilliant surprises up their sleeves this year.

Bringing War and Wreaking Havok at The Underworld
11th April 2017, 15:10
Posted by Tristan

War in the modern world is an ever changing entity. Though it’s sentiment remains the same, it’s means change with the times. With this in mind, Thrash Metal and all of it’s totalitarian prophecies has never been more pertinent. Leaders of the new movement of Modern Thrash the charge is led by Havok, whilst biting at their heels is Warbringer. Embarking on an extensive European tour together the two Teutonic bands bring with them support in the form of Exmortus, the Death Metal come Thrash Metal virtuosos and French Gorod.

Havok Aren’t Conforming On Their Brand New Record
9th March 2017, 18:47
Posted by Tristan

The first of many, many YouTube videos over at TheMetalTris, I recorded my thoughts on the brand new Havok album, Conformicide.

Havok Release “Hang ‘Em High” 
23rd January 2017, 14:31
Posted by Tristan

The first track to kick off their new album cycle for Conformicide. 

Suicidal Tendencies Announce World Gone Mad Tour
3rd January 2017, 16:42
Posted by Tristan

With Havok and Crowbar as support! 

Havok Announce New Album And US / European tour
21st December 2016, 11:25
Posted by Tristan

Christmas has come early for Havok fans. 

A Download 2016 Interview With : David Sanchez (Havok)
18th August 2016, 12:00
Posted by Tristan

Rooted in the questioning of what we are told, Thrash Metal as a genre has always had somewhat of an inquisitive nature. Consistently questioning to believe what we are told, it is in a sense a revolution in itself. Primed at the time of the likes of the Cold War the classic themes of indoctrination have scarcely left Thrash’s vocabulary. Seeing a resurgence in the movement of late the new wave of Thrash Metal bands have begun to carry the torch of this questioning manner. One Colorado born Havok are leader of the proverbial pack, having released their previous ripper Unnatural Selection the band are now ready to enter a new chapter in their history. Performing at this year’s Download Festival we had the pleasure of speaking to main muso David Sanchez about the band’s forthcoming new album, set for a fall release via Century Media, Al Di Meola and some of the bands plans in the coming months.

Job For A Cowboy Bassist Joins Havok
24th September 2015, 10:00
Posted by Tristan

In the latest news of line up changes we hear that Job For A Cowboy bassist Nick Schendzielos is now in the ranks of Havok.