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Havok, Fallujah and More Announce For Bloodstock 2017
20th June 2017, 14:00
Posted by Tristan

As we’re almost nearing the time for Bloodstock the final couple of announcements are rolling in and they’ve got some brilliant surprises up their sleeves this year.

Album Of The Year #19 : Fallujah – Dreamless
19th December 2016, 14:25
Posted by Tristan

As we come into the final five Fallujah astounded the world with their work of pure genius that is Dreamless.

Carnifex Despised Icon Fallujah And More Tour Announced
15th December 2016, 11:40
Posted by Tristan

Remember earlier this week we were speculating about a teaser that had become available, well we can now reveal that this tour will be happening. 

Carnifex, Despised Icon, Fallujah North American Tour Teased
12th December 2016, 10:30
Posted by Tristan

And maybe Rings of Saturn too? 

Live Review : Never Say Die
9th November 2016, 15:48
Posted by Tristan

Featuring : Whitechapel, Thy Art Is Murder, Carnifex, Obey The Brave, Fallujah, Make Them Suffer and Polar! 

KSE Fallujah AUS
Killswitch Engage And Fallujah Team Up For Tour Down Under
21st July 2016, 10:30
Posted by Tristan

Those lucky Aussies will be getting to hear both Killswitch Engage and Fallujah early 2017.

Impericon Never Say Die Tour Announced
9th June 2016, 13:53
Posted by Tristan

Having just had the blistering Impericon tour come through this Spring we now get to be treated to the real meat and potatoes this Autumn. 

2016 Best Music Releases So Far
23rd May 2016, 14:10
Posted by Tristan

2016 certainly has thrown down the gauntlet in terms of Metal releases. Despite us only just coming into the month of June so far we have had some absolutely astounding releases. From comebacks to phenomenal debuts, expansive work to avant garde madness this is a list chronicling just some of the newest releases this year. Today we will be looking at some of the releases from the first third of the year and boy are there some truly top additions.

BTBAM Devin Townsend And Fallujah Tour Announced
17th May 2016, 17:41
Posted by Tristan

Between The Buried and Me will also be performing their Coma Ecliptic album in its entirety. 

Fallujah Obtain Highest Album Sales Yet
10th May 2016, 14:55
Posted by Tristan

The all important first week of Fallujah’s brand new album cycle is over and we can say it is very good news for the band. 

Fallujah Release Playthrough of “Amber Gaze” 
4th May 2016, 13:00
Posted by Tristan

Having released their brand new album Dreamless just last week Fallujah aren’t content with having three singles and decided to release another!

Album Review : Fallujah – Dreamless
27th April 2016, 16:16
Posted by Tristan

Interpretation is a wonderful gift humans are given, infinitely questioning whether innate or through cognitive learning. Arguing whether our perceptions and preconceptions are ingrained as part of intuition or do we learn from our past experiences to create new and often changing perspectives. Opting for a more cinematic approach, building on their previous conquest The Flesh Prevails as our androgynous hominid beckons we enter the the world of Dreamless.