Take a Walk Through The “Never” And Join Decapitated In The Anticult
28th April 2017, 08:13
Posted by Tristan

One of the most exciting bands to have ever come out of Poland. At The young age of sixteen, Decapitated unveiled Winds of Creation. A record that even by today’s standards is held up in incredibly high regard. Being plagued with all manner of setbacks, some far more impactful than others, tenacity has been the band’s mantra throughout their career and today they have announced a brand new chapter in the form of new album Anticult. 

Veritable royalty in the Death Metal arena, Decapitated are a band that are regarded for creating some of the strongest Death Metal, period. Despite numerous line up changes with the likes of Sauron leaving the band after their archetypal Nihility album and even the death of guitarist and sole remaining original member Vogg’s brother Vitek still the band resolved to carry on. 

Personally an album that will potentially be one of the best Death Metal albums of all time, Organic Hallucinosis, could well be the high point of the band’s career. Though of course the old schoolers will choose Nihility over it. The sheer technicality of Organic Hallucinosis’ seven tracks borders on madness. Truly the most furious of thirty minutes it’s an album that takes far longer to truly digest. 

Building on the foundations laid by previous record The Negation, Decapitated brought this sense of technicality back with a vengeance. Always well rooted in rhythm the band had the winning combination of both brothers Vogg and Vitek simultaneously playing independtly yet together. Unleashing songs with such venom as “The Fury” and of course title track “The Negation” this was merely cutting of teeth for the band. 

Fast forward slightly and the horrendous accident that derailed the band entirely occurs. Now ten years since the horrific accident which took not only one but two lives. Aside from the death of Vitek, the band also had their current singer Covan in a coma. Thankfully the man survived but the future was well and truly uncertain for the band. Resolving to kick start the Decapitated machine once again Vogg reformed the group in 2011 to release Carnival Is Forever. 

Finalising a lineup of Rasta Piotrowski on vocals, Filip Halucha on bass guitar and the esteemed drummer Krimh on drums the band resolved to not only pay homage to the band name but forge a new path for themselves. The result was somewhat of a mixed bag. Some fans defiantly against Rasta’s different vocal style, stating that it just didn’t sound like Decapitated. Nevertheless, it garnered positive reviews and is a fantastic example of the band beginning their more experimental and less brutally technical period. 

Following extensive touring from the Carnival Is Forever period the band once again underwent a new line up change. With both Vogg and Rasta remaining, the two enlisted Pawel Pasek on bass guitar and new drummer Michal Łysejko with the daunting task of drums. Entering Hertz Studios once again the band emerged from their cryostasis in 2014 when Blood Mantra was presented to the world. Following on as a natural progression from Carnival Is Forever, the band’s sound was still evolving. This time experimenting with the idea of groove title track “Blood Mantra” retained a sense of rhythm whilst the likes of “Veins” or “Instinct” was more of the direct, full on assault Decapitated are more renown for. 

However the most intriguing element of Blood Mantra was for me the hypnotic oscillation of “Blindness“. Creating a kaleidoscopic sense of rhythm that slowly enveloped its way around the listener, this was new territory for the band. Once again with their tenacious work ethic the band toured Blood Mantra right up until late 2016 when they returned to the studio this time opting not to go the way of Hertz Studio but instead somewhere else. 

Unveiling their brand new album Anticult today, Decapitated will be releasing their seventh full length July 7th via Nuclear Blast. Following the album’s announcement the band have not only released the artwork, a striking yet simple combination of their classic topics of the religion of war the album seems to be not only this new forward thinking Decapitated but also the ghosts of The Negation and Hallucinosis. 

Revealing their debut track “Never” to come off Anticult, the band play with the very idea of what Decapitated stands for in 2017. No doubt sure to divide opinions once again it’s no denying that Decapitated simply are not the same band anymore. With it being ten years since the horrendous accident, the band have put the past behind them and today usher in a new era in the world of Decapitated with the absolutely ferocious Anti Cult. Listen to “Never” right now! 

Preorder Decapitated’s brand new album Anticult now before its July 7th release via Nuclear Blast.