June Is Death Metal Month
18th April 2017, 10:33
Posted by Tristan

It seems that the Death Metal gods have smiled upon the month of June to be the month where the deluge of Metal is to be set upon us. 

Already this week we have had the announcement that Dying Fetus will release their brand new and hugely anticipated follow up to their Reign Supreme record near the end of June. Then it was confirmed yesterday that Broken Hope will be releasing their brand new album titled Mutilated and Assimilated which, after his decision to buy Jeff Hanneman‘s guitars had the entire album recorded using only his instruments in his honour. How cool is that? So I thought why not celebrate this amount of Death Metal with a small preview of the great material to come our way! 

Broken Hope – Mutilated and Assimilated (23/6/2017) 

Everybody’s favourite Death Metal band, Broken Hope will return. Having recorded the album as mentioned with Hanneman’s guitars the outing is once again helmed by the incarnation of Broken Hope that helmed Omen of Disease. Having seen the band on their UK debut back in 2015 at London’s Nambucca, their live performance is second to none and for you to miss out on their new material would simply be foolhardy. Not too long to wait now!  

Suffocation – …Of The Dark Light (9/6/2017) 

Announcing their brand new album for a June 9th release this Friday, Suffocation return back to the Death Metal fray. The first release since their thrashing Pinnacle of Bedlam released in 2013, the new record promises to be just as biting an offering as the previous. Making their first single available “Your Last Breaths” is a perfect example of Suffocation’s unnervingly accurate rhythmic onslaught. Having been in the Death Metal arena since 1988 it’s a true testament to the band’s songwriting ability that twenty nine years on the band are still unstoppable. 

Carach Angren – Dance And Laugh Amongst The Rotten (19/6/2017)

Though not strictly Death Metal, Carach Angren have elements from all sorts of sub genres under the Metal umbrella if you want to get specific. Led by an often very literal narrative the band follow the idea of a concept surrounding their albums. With their previous This Is No Fairytale seeing the band reach an even larger level of popularity, the group once more returned to Peter Tagtgren’s Abyss Studios to cut their new record. Releasing a single that is as much of a song as a teaser for the album the band haven’t going to traditional big release single but instead are teasing the audience until the time is right. 

Dying Fetus – Wrong One To Fuck With (23/6/2017) 

A band needing no introduction, even the name ensures that everyone knows that these boys are not screwing around. Kings in the world of the Underground it has been five years since the band released their Reign Supreme album.  Am album that has definitely had its fair share of spins from me! Though the band haven’t released a track there is a small teaser to accompany the album announcement, along with the no holds barred album artwork. It will definitely not be one to miss. 

Sikth – The Future In Whose Eyes? (2/6/2017) 

Ever the pioneer of Metal, the Watford bunch that is Sikth have never been short of creativity when it comes to their music. Returning with their EP in 2015 that was Opacities, now the band will be releasing their first album since Death of A Dead Day. Aside from it being eleven years on since Death of A Dead Day, the band now have a new singer in the form of Joe Rosser after the departure of Justin Hill. With two singles “No Wishbones” and “Vivid” more than proving their point, you would be hard pushed to think that Sikth will end up fumbling.