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June Is Death Metal Month
18th April 2017, 10:33
Posted by Tristan

It seems that the Death Metal gods have smiled upon the month of June to be the month where the deluge of Metal is to be set upon us. 

Album Review : Benighted – Necrobreed
16th February 2017, 18:04
Posted by Tristan

Insanity perhaps a rather morbid, yet no less fascinating subject. Wanting to understand the mind boggling causes to some of the most macabre murders in history we have been studiously interpreting the language of the serial killer. Moulded by abuse, trauma and neglect these ingredients often make a the most terrifying killers. Working in a mental asylum in France, Benighted’s Julien Truchan explores a quality that goes hand in hand with the lifestyle of a serial killer, madness.

An Interview With : Donald Tardy (Obituary)
24th November 2015, 12:00
Posted by Tristan

One of the mainstays of the infamous genre that is Death Metal, Obituary lay dormant for the most of the beginning of this decade. Awakening from their cryosleep the band released their brand new album Inked In Blood last year. Deciding to go it alone without a record label, the band decided to begin writing new material. Now as much as the double edged sword of modern technology can be swift to cut you down it can also be an incredibly useful tool. Deciding that the band would be going the way of crowd funding the band raised the $60,000 needed to make the album in just one day. However it then set in the reality of just how much work was about to be put into the band’s return to form…

Live Review | Damnation 2015 – Featuring : At The Gates, High On Fire, Asphyx
11th November 2015, 13:00
Posted by Tristan

With festival season being very much behind us and a plethora of new events to look forward to in 2016, we haven’t quite escaped just yet. Saving the best for last it would seem Leeds all dayer returns once again for another whirlwind year and for the first time The Metalist was able to see just what makes Damnation so special to the most blackened and decaying of hearts.

Hate Eternal Part Ways With Chason Westmoreland
27th October 2015, 09:00
Posted by Tristan

After having only been in the band for merely a heartbeat in the life of Hate Eternal Chason Westmoreland is reportedly out.

An Interview With : Hannes Grossmann (Alkaloid)
23rd July 2015, 16:00
Posted by Tristan

A household name in the Death Metal drumming arena, Hannes Grossmann has been a part of numerous different bands in the genre. From the beginnings of Necrophagist from the stint in Obscura, whilst along the way performing with Blotted Science, consisting of Cannibal Corpse bassist Alex Webster and guitar wizard Ron Jarzombek. With a whole host of different bands in the man’s pocket one particular band are potentially the most interesting the man has put together thus far. Made up of Aborted, Obscura, Noneuclid and Dark Fortress members we present to you Alkaloid.  Speaking out about the decision to leave Obscura, the bands new album and some of the drummer’s own inspirations we sat down for a long and thorough chat.

An Interview With : Joakim Svensson (Entrails)
18th June 2015, 16:42
Posted by Tristan

Entrails, a band that are forging relentlessly forward in the age of Death Metal. Having released their brand new album Obliteration, we sat down and spoke with bass guitarist and the creator of those classic Gothenburg vocals Joakim Svensson. Speaking about the new album, what exactly its like to be in the rebirth of Death Metal and why Swedish fans are just so grumpy!

Krisiun Name New Album And Release Artwork
12th June 2015, 16:00
Posted by Tristan

As we all know Brazilian death metallers Krisiun have been hard at work at their follow up album to The Great Execution. It seems that the wait is nearing and end.

Rivers Of Nihil Announce New Album
12th June 2015, 14:00
Posted by Tristan

After their absolutely brilliant debut album The Conscious Seed Of Light, Rivers Of Nihil have become somewhat of a cult act, now we see their return with the announcement of their brand new album.

Trib Promo
An Incineration Interview With : Jakob Ljunberg (Tribulation)
4th June 2015, 16:30
Posted by Tristan

Descending upon London, we were treated to one of my personal favourite performances of Incineration Festival, before Tribulation truly rocked The Underworld I was able to chat with drummer Jakob Ljungberg.

An Incineration Interview With : Apollyon (Aura Noir)
4th June 2015, 10:15
Posted by Tristan

Once again we return to the icy winds of the North (of London) for the most extreme all dayer this year. Speaking today with a blackened thrash legend Apollyon about all things Aura Noir.

Album Review : Skinless – Only The Ruthless Remain
2nd June 2015, 12:00
Posted by Tristan

Watching football fans truly is a marvel, seeing spectators screaming at the players telling them what they ought to do, though what would it be like to put a spectator on the pitch?