Album Review : Benighted – Necrobreed
16th February 2017, 18:04
Posted by Tristan

Insanity perhaps a rather morbid, yet no less fascinating subject. Wanting to understand the mind boggling causes to some of the most macabre murders in history we have been studiously interpreting the language of the serial killer. Moulded by abuse, trauma and neglect these ingredients often make a the most terrifying killers. Working in a mental asylum in France, Benighted’s Julien Truchan explores a quality that goes hand in hand with the lifestyle of a serial killer, madness.


  1. Hush Little Baby
  2. Reptilian
  3. Psychosilencer
  4. Forgive Me Father
  5. Leatherface
  6. Der Doppelgänger
  7. Necrobreed
  8. Monsters Make Monsters
  9. Cum With Disgust
  10. Versipellis
  11. Reeks of Darkened Zoopsia
  12. Mass Grave

Length: 39:00
Label: Season of Mist
Release date: February 17th 2017

Often cheesy, introductions can create the opposite, hammy effect yet as the calls of “Honey! It’s time for dinner” bleed into the headphones the delightfully demented introduction of “Hush Little Baby” reassures that the safety bar is well and truly nonexistent. Thrust into “Reptilian” the band immediately kick down the metaphorical door, musical guns blazing as drums and distortion assault the listener. Coupled with Truchan’s ear piercing screeches command the listener to follow blindly forward. 

Similar to navigating Buffalo Bill’s horrific living quarters in the dark, the listener is a perilous Jodie Foster. “Leatherface” no doubt a homage to our Southern cannibals brings the vicious biting guitars right back the epicentre coupled with new drummer Romain Goulon, who more than struts his stuff as the band morph into the unmistakable groove. Yet it’s the deliciously unhinged clean section, coupled with incoherent babbling before a Cattle Decapitation style jarring lead that provides delicious reward. Proving that the band aren’t simply a one trick pony “Monsters Make Monsters” is a perfect example of the more groove oriented side of this Death Metal Jekyll and Hyde. After a brief piano interlude a highlight solo appears cutting through the mix. 

Providing stiff competition for some of the best Death Metal vocals, the surging “Versipelis” is a perfect example of the scope of Truchan’s vocals. Performing just as well with the classic low guttural growls before pig squeal that cuts through the mix like a knife through hot butter. “Forgive Me Father” though does temporarily hand the mic to The Black Dahlia Murder‘s Trevor Strnad who predictably gives a brilliant contrast to Truchan’s gurgling. The g force shattering speed of the album can sometimes be a little too much to stomach particularly title track the blistering “Necrobreed” is over just as viciously as it began. Paying good attention to their performance the band have military style accuracy. Retaining the cold and calculating ability, yet able to execute with a frenzied ferocity. The ability of appearing entirely normal, if anything nonchalant towards the horrendous crimes committed, creates the true terrifying duality of a serial killer. If you’re a fan of Death Metal, don’t miss out on Necrobreed. 

Creating a protagonist more malevolent than Mengele this listen is not for the faint hearted. Benighted have well and truly upped their game here. Welcome the new (Necro)breed.

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