Album Review : Cattle Decapitation – The Anthropocene Extinction
6th August 2015, 10:45
Posted by Tristan

Entering the era that is now called the Anthropocene we, as humans are very much active in the destruction of our own planet. The Anthropocene era is one where the humans’ effect on the planet is beginning to be felt. Not only in well developed countries but the third world and even the sea itself. Through Carbon emissions, pollution and over population, to use the band’s own words “We Are All Horrible People”. With our shepherds arriving to forewarn us of our imposing doom, Cattle Decapitation show us that if we continue taking advantage of our planet we will soon face The Anthropocene Extinction.


1. Manufactured Extinctint

2. Prophets Of Loss

3. Plagueborn

4. Clandestine Ways (Krokodil Rot)

5. Circo Inhumanitas

6. The Burden of Seven Billion

7. Mammals In Babylon

8. Mutual Assured Destruction

9. Not Suitable For Life

10. Apex Blasphemy

11. Ave Exitium

12. Pacific Grim

Length: 46:00
Label: Metal Blade Records
Release date: August 7th 2015

Never one to shy away from the inevitable Cattle Decapitation, have, since their inception been doom mongers. Never before has a truly heinous, lecherous sound ever been projected to the masses. Developing their signature sound on previous album, “Monolith Of Inhumanity” it would seem that we would only be witnessing the tip of the iceberg.

From the moment “Manufactured Extinct“‘s deep impact remorseless introduction rears its ugly head the delivery is relentless. Creating a mutated crooning of sorts on “Plagueborn“,singer Travis Ryan digs his unmistakable claws in. With this sense of feral melancholy first hatching in Monolith grand finale, Cattle Decapitation have realised this is one string that no one has on their bow. Very much a deciding factor in the reason for the band’s intuitive experimentation is Travis Ryan‘s absolutely terrifying vocals. Which would be nothing without the fierce instrumentalists behind it. Able to change from snarling Xenomorph to world swallowing Titan, creates a sense of structure. Amidst the at first glance relentless musicality, we are able to follow the song. Similar to the twine our hero used against the Minotaur to navigate the labyrinth. Often music like that of “Clandestine Ways (Krokodil Rot)” can be hard to take in with the sheer amount going on. Though it does feature a great solo in its mid section.

Ryan’s lyrical thematics might approach issues that many people bury their heads into the sand to avoid. Nevertheless unlike so many others the man does not preach. Coalescing with the monstrous organism that is Cattle Decapitation the band work together in creating their caustic delivery. A small guest spot which is harder to spot than most appears on “Prophets Of Loss” from none other than Phil Anselmo himself.

Showing us the sheer capability of devastation “Not Suitable For Life“, a track borne out of Ryan‘s frustration with human life features another poignant and groovy chorus. The foreboding atmosphere of instrumental “The Burden Of Seven Billion” is eerily quiet the isolating sounds that echo throughout the introduction allude to true sense of desolation. Moving into one of the highlights of the album “Mammals In Babylon“. A corrosive song that shows that even if the band are potentially the most musically abrasive, melody does not elude. Including a mutated amalgamation of all the previous vocal chords. The final assault is one of sheer unrelenting rage, coupled with depressing Black Metal style guitar makes for an extremely intimidating ending.

As with those who listened to the band’s previous effort the grand finale of “Ave Exitium” that leads into “Pacific Grim” is one of the highlights of this year’s music so far. The moving introduction slowly builds, from the ebb and flow of the tide to a despondent acoustic guitar and lone snare. Keyboards slowly drift in with Ryan’s doomsday prophecies serenading the listener. Until the rabid grand finale begins where our prophecies are fulfilled. In a vitriolic sudden change were thrown to a barrage of guitars and noise contrary to the bliss like introduction. Like a parting of the sea we hear the tremendous predestine paroles of Ryan arrive. Heightened by one of the most depressive guitar lead lines in metal, with the final words “death comes with the tide…” Until it reaches its disconsolate climax.

Cattle Decapitation have not only outclassed themselves but everyone else in the Death Metal arena. Creating a poignant and thought provoking record that might actually get people to think about their actions. Aided by the uncaring delivery The Anthropocene Extinction is a truly demoralizing record of enormous magnitude and would be a fitting soundtrack to our extinction as a species.

A fitting elegy to mankind, a brutally honest take on the current world in which we live in. Put together in a package that is devoid of all hope. Absolutely extraordinary.

Cattle Decapitation’s brand new album The Anthropocene Extinction is out August 7th via Metal Blade and you can preorder the record here!