Why “No Lives Matter” Is The Wake Up Call We All Need
20th February 2017, 12:45
Posted by Tristan

For those who may not be familiar with Body Count, the band are brainchild of one Tracey Lauren Marrow aka Ice-T. Despite being a successful rapper, the man is a self confessed Metalhead. Growing up with the Death Metal anthems from Cannibal Corpse and many others. Having established well trodden path in the way of Rap and Hip-Hop, Ice-T, not one for the easy way out devised Body Count.

Making their debut in 1992, Body Count released their first record. A self titled effort, as with anything vaguely alternative in the nineties the album was met with controversy. However instead of the ghoulish androgyny of Manson this was instead something far more apparent. The track “Cop Killer“, gained attention from the government along with the idiots over at the NRA somewhat damaging the man’s professional career. The track was an account from the perspective of a wronged man going against police for a crime he had not committed simply because of his race. Label Warner Music refused to release his forthcoming record. Stating of how much discontent Ice-T has for the police the government aimed to quash this to ensure that the man’s words wouldn’t influence the younger generation.


Fast forward to 2017. America is in utter turmoil, having elected President Trump as their leader, America have well and truly proven that Orange is The New Black. With xenophobia growing rife, even in the British Isles we seem to be giving power to people who hold a more nationalistic stance. What they mask as immigration is really racism. Something that has been causing wars, damage and unrest for years, race issues are, to me, ridiculous. What right does anyone have to judge anyone by the colour of their skin? None. What right does anyone have to say that two gay men cannot adopt? None. That two men cannot love each other, if not better than the stifled marriages of men and women? We have no right in any form to deny these people the privileges they deserve!

Well rooted in the Metal scene Body Count and Ice-T himself proved that regardless of musical preference we can all come together. Banding up with Slayer for their track “Disorder” and even an appearance on a Black Sabbath record. Ice-T is living proof of the shoe horned society that we live in is false. Arguably being responsible in aiding the rise of Rap Metal. Showing that the two genres can rest shoulder to shoulder and learn from one another. Creating a hybrid known as Nu-Metal throughout the nineties Body Count are elementary. Now the band have pushed back once again.

Releasing “No Lives Matter” the band take a stand once again against the government and race itself. The cold open features a speech which immediately grabs your attention followed by one of the BIGGEST foot stomping riffs this side of Obituary. With each member being filmed in black and white, the contrast is stark. The track itself is absolutely genius working with excellent songwriting ebbing and flowing to make this easily one of the best songs put forward in 2017 so far. Yet what makes the track so powerful is its message. A message of fighting for what is right, a message of going against the current and standing up to an oppressive society. The injustice that is committed every day in America in particular is truly terrifying and now with The White House well and truly living up to its name the time become aware is now more pertinent than ever.

Not jumping on the Trump hating bandwagon Ice-T is already known for his dislike of the government. Similar to the ideas of Rage Against The Machine, here is a new song of the revolution. A new age of civil unrest where every life matters. Currently it being about Black Lives Matter the man’s message is that, it could mean Gay Lives Matter, Trans Lives Matter, Hispanic Lives Matter in the end we are all the same regardless of race, orientation or age and we all the same are being oppressed the powers that be and now, it’s got to stop.

We’re with you Body Count.

Preorder the band’s brand new album here set for a March 31st release via Century Media.