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Album Review : Aborted – Retrogore
20th April 2016, 15:19
Posted by Tristan

Fear itself is very much a concept that we as humans tease. In our endless search for stimulation of the mind, the darker reaches demand for an experience where we experience the feelings of terror yet are all the while in a safe environment. Simulating the entire experience watching our often doomed cohorts in Horror films whilst we remain in our comfy seats. Used as a huge influence Aborted have been the aural simulation of this phenomenon. Now with their new album Retrogore, create a homage to Horror where the tables are turned and instead our maniacal madmen are in the driving seat and we the listener are now the protagonist and our seats are no longer comfy. 

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Aborted Release Video For Divine Impediment
8th April 2016, 19:40
Posted by Chris

The band are touching on their blackened death metal side, with a little Behemoth-esque track and video!

Aborted Unveil Title Track “Retrogore” Single and Begin Preorders
8th March 2016, 18:00
Posted by Tristan

The time has come to listen to brand new Aborted