The Night Flight Orchestra – The Most Eighties Band Yet?
12th May 2017, 16:05
Posted by Tristan

Few eras will ever truly match the creative magnitude that was seen in the eighties. The golden days of creative enlightenment, coming off the back of the seventies and building a sound altogether entirely new and different itself. Not lending itself only to music however, all throughout the creative world there were milestones being made in the art of self expression. Though a fledgeling genre, through the nurture of the eighties, Sci-Fi for example was just one of the many other sectors that was in bloom. In a time before the idea of image often transcended the actual composition of a song itself, before the advent of MTV music used to be simple. Wanting to echo these traits the Swedish Super power, made up of members of Soilwork, Arch Enemy among others join us as we take a look into the eighties with an exclusive video.

Formed by a mutual love for the classics, the band slotted into place after an impromptu performance of Whitesnake covers during an interview in Palm Springs. Since then the band have released two albums, both met with much critical acclaim, the band however are somewhat difficult to fully get a hold of for a live performance. With the busy touring schedules of both Soilwork and Arch Enemy performances from the band are few and far between. Nevertheless they’re gearing up for a brand new release in the form of Amber Galactic.

Combining the best loved elements of the likes of Classic Rock outfits, Rainbow, the stadium conjuring Mercury style vocals of Queen showcasing an entirely different side to the brilliant lungs of Bjorn “Speed” Strid, the subtle yet incredibly well placed guitar lines of Deep Purple and even I would go as far to say a sprinkle of Dire Straits, Amber Galactic is a smorgasbord of the classics. Nevertheless The Night Flight Orchestra are able to create their own AOR styled niche perfectly. Infusing electronic elements into the band along with all the classic synths that were some of the best used in the time of the eighties tracks the likes of “Gemini” spring out of the record with an energy that most bands don’t normally possess. Despite the group being a band that clearly don’t take themselves seriously, The Night Flight Orchestra have created some absolutely killer material on the new record. The kind of material that when asked to describe it, you could very fittingly relate it to some of the classic eighties films.

I’m talking Top Gun, Escape From New York, The Thing and everything a little in between. No doubt fans of the films will see how you might relate but those who might be less well versed in the work of the eighties fear not as tracks the likes of heart warming “Josephine” echo that high-school nostalgia romanticising that simply anyone can get into. Touring the world over with their other bands leaning to a far more heavy slant, The Night Flight Orchestra is quite simply a bunch of friends getting together to play and most importantly create some absolute fist pumping, night driving and most importantly freeze frame in the air jumping, a hallmark of the eighties, music there could ever be. It also turns out that they are pretty big fans of the movies I’ve cited, what a surprise!

Watch the exclusive video below to see just what makes the band tick and make sure you at the very least listen to one of the songs here. It’ll blow your mind.

You can preorder a copy of The Night Flight Orchestra’s brand new album via Nuclear Blast before its May19th release right now.