Sikth Upgrade EP To Mini Album
15th July 2015, 18:30
Posted by Tristan

One of the biggest surprises from last year was the announcement that Sikth would be performing at Download, which then led to a sold out Koko show.

Earlier in the year it was announced that the band would be releasing a brand new EP following the overwhelming positivity felt throughout the metal community upon their return and of course the wealth of brilliant song writing the band employ.

Now we have even better news. With their crowdfunding campaign doing so well and the band being happy to create more material the hallowed EP has been upgraded to a mini album. Featuring six songs instead of the agreed upon four, the band are thinking of having an epic final song and of course a spoken word section. Well it just wouldn’t be Sikth without that!

If only we could get the band to keep going and make an entire brand new album! There’s hope yet folks. Following the now mini albums release the band will embark on a mini UK tour this December. Watch this space.