The Black Dahlia Murder’s Nocturnal Turns Ten
26th June 2017, 14:00
Posted by Tristan

And what better way to celebrate than a one off vinyl re-release of the record!

Hard to believe that ten years ago, when I was sixteen, The Black Dahlia Murder created one of the most solid Death Metal albums of the modern day. A record that would catapult them into the spotlight they’re now in, it is absolutely archetypal in ushering in the new era of Death Metal that we are seeing now. With a military type schedule for releases, The Black Dahlia Murder‘s last opus Abysmal was released back in 2015 so judging by their track record we’re going to get a record before the year is out.

However before that though, the band are embarking on the annual Summer Slaughter tour with Dying Fetus. Here, the band will be performing their classic Nocturnal in its entirety. Something that no one should miss out on, its interesting however that the band will be touring the record after they had just celebrated their anniversary of Unhallowed last year with their American tour. I really have to say that the states are spoiled for Death Metal! The band will also be pressing Nocturnal on vinyl as well as having a limited IndieMerch run of a one off t shirt made by Dan Mumford the record will be on a split of blue and black, the same colours of the record.

Nocturnal cannot be understated as a piece of Death Metal genius, who would have known that the band would then go on to release Deflorate, Ritual, Everblack and Abysmal. Its been a hell of a ride for The Black Dahlia Murder and with a brand new album in the pipeline, I cannot see the band getting any smaller anytime soon!

Pick up a copy of the record and shirt here!