Say Hello To Scour Feat Cattle Decapitation, Decrepit Birth, Phil Anselmo
1st October 2015, 18:11
Posted by Tristan

Phil Anselmo might be one of the biggest personalities in Metal but it also seems he is one of the busiest. Setting up band’s left right and center  among running his own horror festival the man can now add this band to his impressive roster, Scour.

Featuring Phil Anselmo of course, the band will see the singer bringing in the influence of a heavier nature. Featuring Pig Destroyer drummer Adam Jarvis, Cattle Decapitation bassist Derek Engemann, Chase Fraser of Decrepit Birth and finally Jesse Schobel this is one hell of a lineup. Having previously worked with the boys in Cattle Decapitation on their new album The Anthropocene Extinction it seems that both bassist and Anselmo have grown close. No news yet on what the current situation in regards to material is but you can bet that this will be a fantastic debut. 

Keep your ears open!