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Decapitated : The (Anti)Cult Classic
11th July 2017, 11:00
Posted by Tristan

Decapitated. One of the biggest debates among metalheads, the absolute epitome of old vs new. Beginning at such a young age, these pioneers of Death Metal had a pretty rough and ultimately uncertain future ahead. In their inception the band would be more akin to the likes of Morbid Angel or Deicide. What would come next many deem as Death Metal royalty, Nihility, an album that is just as relevant to this day as it was back in 2001. Not stopping for anything the band forged ahead again, with The Negation further cementing their sound until their Death Metal zenith that was Organic Hallucinosis.

Take a Walk Through The “Never” And Join Decapitated In The Anticult
28th April 2017, 08:13
Posted by Tristan

One of the most exciting bands to have ever come out of Poland. At The young age of sixteen, Decapitated unveiled Winds of Creation. A record that even by today’s standards is held up in incredibly high regard. Being plagued with all manner of setbacks, some far more impactful than others, tenacity has been the band’s mantra throughout their career and today they have announced a brand new chapter in the form of new album Anticult.