The Contortionist Share Studio Update
18th January 2017, 12:15
Posted by Tristan

We get a little update from the band that has made us even more excited for the brand new album. 

Currently recording their follow up to 2014’s Language, The Contortionist are with Jamie King whose reach is far and wide amongst the Prog community. Taking a break from working in the studio Eric Guenther hopped on Facebook to issue the following update : 

“For months, everyone in The Contortionist has been amassing and organizing ideas for our next phase. It’s an exciting time for the band because this has been our first album effort in this configuration of members, and it is beginning to show in the creative risks and exploration I see happening already. The decision to record with Jamie King again was barely discussed twice after our experience with Language; we wanted to come back. Constructing musical ideas into a recording and then into an artistically satisfying album is a process and art form that we collectively hold in the utmost reverence, so working with someone who understands that and can figuratively “push us off the cliff” makes all the difference. I truly can’t describe yet what this album is going to sound like in comparison to our past output, but I can say that this record has already been approached with more craftsmanship, planning, and detail in songwriting and instrumentation than anything we’ve done. We can’t wait until it’s out there. Back to my studio cave with all the blinking lights….”  

-Eric Guenther

Well it sounds like whatever the band are cooking up will be quite the treat if Eric’s words are anything to go by…