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2017 And Some Of The Best So Far
26th April 2017, 10:30
Posted by Tristan

Despite it only being April, there have been some absolutely staggeringly good releases so far. I thought that it might be pertinent to show just what kind of calibre of releases we have been treated to in the first four months of the year and its an absolute white wash across the board of talent.

What Happened When Kreator And Sepultura Rolled Into London?
10th March 2017, 17:23
Posted by Tristan

With terror being rife throughout the world, bands are increasing their reaction to the worlds current events. Ranging from all sorts of formats, one well rehearsed in the ways of battle are the German leaders st the vanguard of Thrash Kreator. Having returned after their five year material absence, the band have reasserted themselves firmly at the top of the second wave of Thrash Metal table. However it would seem that not only Kreator are born anew, as Brazilian counterparts Sepultura also unveiled their latest semi political statement Machine Messiah. Teaming up along with some help from both Soilwork and Aborted, the four band would match over Europe in a defiant conquering of venues far and wide. This time their march was headed toward Kentish Town’s Forum.

Album Review : Sepultura – Machine Messiah
12th January 2017, 14:10
Posted by Tristan

One man’s trash is another’s treasure as the saying goes. For those unfamiliar with the Channel 4 Sunday phenomenon that was the old man calling ,Scrapheap Challenge, allow me to elaborate. Two teams of engineers, brought together to run into a scrapyard and create something out of nothing. Following the same formula, Sepultura return in 2017 after their celebratory Roots run to find their “scrap” to combine both ideas from an esoteric sense along with those of a mechanical nature to create the conceptual Frankenstein’s monster that is Machine Messiah. 

Sepultura First Track By Track Out
5th January 2017, 10:38
Posted by Tristan

Now merely a week away, Sepultura have released the first in a series of Track by Track videos. 

Sepultura Release Video For “Phantom Self”¬†
23rd December 2016, 14:44
Posted by Tristan

Last week the band unveiled their lyric video for the new track and now we get a more in depth look into the new track. 

Sepultura Announce Return To Roots US Tour
19th December 2016, 11:28
Posted by Tristan

Following the success that the band had over here in Europe, Sepultura have announced that they will be heading out to the US for the Return To Roots Tour. 

Sepultura Release Seventh Making Of Machine Messiah
2nd December 2016, 11:20
Posted by Tristan

Today in Sepultura news, vocals! 

Sepultura Announce New Album Reveal Artwork
31st October 2016, 12:00
Posted by Tristan

Ahead of their Roots celebratory tour, Sepultura have announced their brand new album. 

Sepultura To Tour Europe Performing Roots In Its Entirety
19th October 2016, 16:16
Posted by Tristan

Before the re-release of the classic album later this year Sepultura will be treating fans to a special show. 

Sepultura Concert Cancelled In Egypt
7th June 2016, 11:15
Posted by Tristan

Set to perform their first ever show in Egypt just as the band were heading into the venue the plug was pulled. 

Kreator Announce Tour With Sepultura, Soilwork and Aborted
11th May 2016, 15:15
Posted by Tristan

Planning ahead seems to be key in the minds of Kreator, putting together another brilliant bill the band will be returning to European shores but not for a while.

Sepultura Are Writing a New Album
25th February 2016, 12:40
Posted by Chris

The Brazilian legends are back in to writing mode as they wrap up their world tour celebrating the 20th anniversary of ‘Roots‘.