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Album Review : Code Orange – Forever
16th January 2017, 13:15
Posted by Tristan

Life is hard as the saying goes. Born with a silver spoon some never need to work at all for their merits and will simply be set for life, others might be less fortunate. Delusional to the arduous reality of the real world the silver spoons have nothing to go through but the hard boiled, harsh understanding of rusted spoons goes a long way. Hard to describe as a musical quality the idea of ugly music is somewhat out of the box. Falling out of the ugly tree and hitting every branch on the way down, Code Orange present to us some of the most downtrodden  riffs to hit 2017. Shown their brand new concoction of vehemence and grit, welcome to the world of Forever.

Album Review : Heaven Shall Burn – Wanderer
16th September 2016, 16:30
Posted by Tristan

If it ain’t broke don’t fix it. An old adage that somehow has surpassed time malleable into almost any context the idea of creating the same has been something that we as humans have thrived upon. Building upon our craft to eventually unveil the fruits of our labour in a latest work. Heaven Shall Burn have remained steadfast to their Metalcore come Hardcore roots despite the ailing health of the Metalcore scene the band have stood strong. Yet somehow have become adrift with the times, aptly titled the band’s new album Wanderer brings to mind exactly what Heaven Shall Burn stand for.

EP Review : Skeletonwitch – The Apothic Gloom
19th August 2016, 12:00
Posted by Tristan

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, suffering somewhat of a speed bump after the set back that was the departure of longtime vocalist Chance Garnette, Skeletonwitch slowed down somewhat. After the deadly strike that was Serpents Unleashed the band were uncertain which direction to go in. Eventually settling on Wolvhammer singer Adam Clemans, cutting the band’s teeth instead of going the whole hog with an album the band settled on releasing a four track EP, The Apothic Gloom. 

EP Review : Voivod – Post Society
23rd February 2016, 20:06
Posted by Tristan

Bridging the gap before their much anticipated new release hopefully to be out next year Voivod reveal an EP. Comprising of material ranging from brand new songs, to releases from their split with Napalm Death and At The Gates towards the end of 2015. Regardless of their initial release five brand new Voivod songs have come to fruition. We step into uncharted lands in the apocalyptic Sci-Fi plains of Post Society.

Apollo Hammersmith
Steven Wilson Live At Hammermsith Apollo
4th February 2016, 14:45
Posted by Tristan

Attracting anything from the most seasoned of metaller to the most gloomy of Goth’s Steven Wilson is able to cross boundaries with seemingly every single release. Pushing the blueprint further with each conceptual coup, after the phenomenal success garnered from Hand Cannot Erase as Wilson insists tonight’s tour in part of celebration of new mini album 4 1/2. Nevertheless prior to our exploration into the mini album the night is divided into two sections. Happily keeping the avid Prog fans at bay tonight’s setlist has been meticulously chosen to suit every kind of audience member.

Album Review : Dream Theater – The Astonishing
27th January 2016, 14:00
Posted by Tristan

Innovation and ambition have always been Dream Theater’s bedrock. Creating some of the best records in the Progressive Metal arena the band are visionaries in their field. Now gearing up for the release of their most ambitious release yet The Astonishing sets the benchmark unbelievably high for sheer all out creativity.

Album Review : Sikth – Opacities
4th December 2015, 15:00
Posted by Tristan

As the modern day of technology seems to be all consuming it was only a matter of time until it found its way into the realm of music. Now with Axe Fx patches here and profiling there it seems that many of the band’s in the modern day Metal scene could be seen as similar. Rewind some ten years to the small seaside town of Brighton where six Britons were crafting a sound that was ten years in the making. Releasing their eponymous cult classic Death of a Dead Day tragically the band broke up. Slowly but sure accruing a multitude of fans aided by the mystery of the ever possible beacon of a reunion the silence was at last broken last year. Following their brilliant performance at Download the band embarked on a tour, stupefied by the success the band resolved that they would be back. Now tomorrow the band will be unleashing their upgraded EP come Mini album on the world, was it worth the wait?

Album Review : Culture Killer – Throes Of Mankind
30th November 2015, 13:00
Posted by Tristan

Moving further and further into the future Hardcore itself as a genre is largely somewhat of a psseé subject. Having the classic Biohazard’s, Terror’s and Agnostic Front‘s is all well and good but there can only be a finite amount of music being put out. Not to mention the genre is a fairly simple affair leading to many of the band’s albums sounding samey. Enter the year of 2015 where it seems that Hardcore is getting a serious rethink, among the likes of Twitching Tongues another leader to drag Hardcore kicking and screaming through the broken glass of Metal is Culture Killer.

Album Review : The Black Dahlia Murder – Abysmal
17th September 2015, 08:30
Posted by Tristan

Of the classic storylines in the world one of the most pertinent is the concept of good vs evil. Frequently resulting in our positive counterparts triumphing over the terrifying and often dwarfing enemies. Portrayed in innumerous ways throughout history hell has been one of the most influential. From the abstract ideas of hell being relative, each person living their own personal nightmare to the brash unadulterated horrors of the world below. Delving into the unknown to find the elusive Elisabeth Short this locale is familiar to the Detroit born destroyers.

Album Review : Thy Art Is Murder – Holy War
25th June 2015, 11:30
Posted by Tristan

Thy Art Is Murder mark their return to the scene with brand new album Holy War, have the Australian quintet matured over time or remained by much the same, the answer might just surprise you…

Album Review : High On Fire – Luminiferous
19th June 2015, 12:00
Posted by Tristan

Releasing a brand new album this year High On Fire return once more to prove that their reputation as one of the most consistently dependable bands remains.

Album Review : Paradise Lost – The Plague Within
5th June 2015, 11:30
Posted by Tristan

Paradise Lost return this year not only with a new album but a new found sense of purpose. See what The Plague Within holds…