Album Review : Heaven Shall Burn – Wanderer
16th September 2016, 16:30
Posted by Tristan

If it ain’t broke don’t fix it. An old adage that somehow has surpassed time malleable into almost any context the idea of creating the same has been something that we as humans have thrived upon. Building upon our craft to eventually unveil the fruits of our labour in a latest work. Heaven Shall Burn have remained steadfast to their Metalcore come Hardcore roots despite the ailing health of the Metalcore scene the band have stood strong. Yet somehow have become adrift with the times, aptly titled the band’s new album Wanderer brings to mind exactly what Heaven Shall Burn stand for.


  1. The Loss Of Fury
  2. Bring The War Home
  3. Passage Of The Crane
  4. They Shall Not Pass
  5. Donwshifter
  6. Prey To God
  7. My Heart Is My Compass
  8. Save Me
  9. Corium
  10. Extermination Order
  11. A River Of Crimson
  12. The Cry Of Mankind

Length: 53:00
Label: Century Media Records
Release date: September 16th 2016

Change is apparent all over the world, particularly in that of music. Opening the record with slow burner, the lumbering “The Loss Fury” the band set up the drop kick of “Bring The War Home” to comes straight in after with its semi electronic D-beat style riffing. Remaining in keeping with the band’s patented attack “Downshifter” brings the triplet charge home after a somewhat drawn out introduction which continues as a running theme on the record showing the band could do with cutting the fat. Once the locomotive gets going the destruction of Heaven Shall Burn is of course apparent the likes of hard hitting “They Shall Not Pass” would have Gandalf pitting out in heartbeat. Cleverly put together the song works brilliantly following the classics verse chorus verse structure. 

A brief respite from the banshee like howls in “My Heart Is My Compass” before “Save Me” ticks all the Metalcore ballad boxes. Guitar harmonies at the ready before baring its teeth in a ripping verse section that would easily catch the more at ease listener unawares. Proving that despite evolution the tried and tested formula is at times faultless the likes of “A River Of Crimson” harks back to the golden era of ’06 when Taste Of Chaos reigned supreme. Depending on your stance with the idea of recreating material then Wanderer could be just that. Content with continuing on their path of Metalcore the band have somewhat played it safe. Despite the evidence of progress in in final track “The Cry Of Mankind” just under seven minutes brings a more atmospheric approach but perhaps not enough to save the record. 

Undeniably good at what they do Heaven Shall Burn cannot be faulted for their enthusiasm for rock solid riffs, however it’s not the most memorable of material. Whilst listening perhaps you might attach yourself to a riff though with the similar structure and overall sound songs have a danger to meld into another. By all means the band will have you moshing and these bangers will go down a treat in a live setting but it’s more of the same from the German’s this time round. 

Creature comforts are always a part of familiarity and with Wanderer,  Heaven Shall Burn are on all too familiar territory. That being said if you’re a fan then it will of course appeal but maybe it’s time to change things up a bit?