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Album Review : Sikth – Opacities
4th December 2015, 15:00
Posted by Tristan

As the modern day of technology seems to be all consuming it was only a matter of time until it found its way into the realm of music. Now with Axe Fx patches here and profiling there it seems that many of the band’s in the modern day Metal scene could be seen as similar. Rewind some ten years to the small seaside town of Brighton where six Britons were crafting a sound that was ten years in the making. Releasing their eponymous cult classic Death of a Dead Day tragically the band broke up. Slowly but sure accruing a multitude of fans aided by the mystery of the ever possible beacon of a reunion the silence was at last broken last year. Following their brilliant performance at Download the band embarked on a tour, stupefied by the success the band resolved that they would be back. Now tomorrow the band will be unleashing their upgraded EP come Mini album on the world, was it worth the wait?

Album Review : Culture Killer – Throes Of Mankind
30th November 2015, 13:00
Posted by Tristan

Moving further and further into the future Hardcore itself as a genre is largely somewhat of a psseé subject. Having the classic Biohazard’s, Terror’s and Agnostic Front‘s is all well and good but there can only be a finite amount of music being put out. Not to mention the genre is a fairly simple affair leading to many of the band’s albums sounding samey. Enter the year of 2015 where it seems that Hardcore is getting a serious rethink, among the likes of Twitching Tongues another leader to drag Hardcore kicking and screaming through the broken glass of Metal is Culture Killer.

Album Review : The Black Dahlia Murder – Abysmal
17th September 2015, 08:30
Posted by Tristan

Of the classic storylines in the world one of the most pertinent is the concept of good vs evil. Frequently resulting in our positive counterparts triumphing over the terrifying and often dwarfing enemies. Portrayed in innumerous ways throughout history hell has been one of the most influential. From the abstract ideas of hell being relative, each person living their own personal nightmare to the brash unadulterated horrors of the world below. Delving into the unknown to find the elusive Elisabeth Short this locale is familiar to the Detroit born destroyers.

Album Review : Thy Art Is Murder – Holy War
25th June 2015, 11:30
Posted by Tristan

Thy Art Is Murder mark their return to the scene with brand new album Holy War, have the Australian quintet matured over time or remained by much the same, the answer might just surprise you…

Album Review : High On Fire – Luminiferous
19th June 2015, 12:00
Posted by Tristan

Releasing a brand new album this year High On Fire return once more to prove that their reputation as one of the most consistently dependable bands remains.

Album Review : Paradise Lost – The Plague Within
5th June 2015, 11:30
Posted by Tristan

Paradise Lost return this year not only with a new album but a new found sense of purpose. See what The Plague Within holds…

Album Review : The Great Discord – Duende
29th May 2015, 14:00
Posted by Tristan

Though not much may be known about the elusive band, let us take you through the disconcerting progressive journey that is Duende.