Don’t Fuck With Dying Fetus
23rd June 2017, 16:00
Posted by Tristan

Known for their take no prisoners style of Death Metal, Dying Fetus are one of the most relentless forces in the Death Metal world. Fiercely reliable the band haven’t released any new material for more than five years now, until now.

With what could well be one of the most stacked years for Death Metal releases this year, competition is going to be tough. Far be it for me to say that it will be an easy choice when it comes down to those all important end of year lists. However what I can say with certainty is that Dying Fetus‘ contribution will not be unheard. Titled Wrong One To Fuck With, you can imagine what you might be getting with this new release. Fifty minutes of unflinching, uncompromising and downright unbearable Death Metal awaits the listener.

Of course the band haven’t exactly reinvented their own wheel here but it’s Dying Fetus doing what they do best. Despite the somewhat machismo connotations of the band the new album is them proving they really are the wrong ones to fuck with.