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Album Review : Immolation – Atonement
23rd February 2017, 11:00
Posted by Tristan

Thrown around without a second thought in the world of Metal, Heavy, is quite possibly the most common form of praise. Yet what if there was actually a band that quantified not only for its colloquial meaning but for its defined one too. Waking from their troubled slumber, the obelisk that is Immolation has begun to stir. Combining elements of dissonance, the band’s obsidian riffs have pavedĀ the way for some of the most nefarious sounding melodies in Metal. Combining the trio of vocals, drums and strings Immolation not only create a racket but have moulded an iconic sound, a sound that is by every single definition Heavy.

Immolation Unveil Trailer #4
25th January 2017, 18:19
Posted by Tristan

Find out more about the brand new release Atonement. 

Immolation Issue Trailer Number Three
16th January 2017, 18:18
Posted by Tristan

And they’ve made the cover of Decibel. 

Immolation Release Second Trailer For Atonement
10th January 2017, 12:25
Posted by Tristan

This time the band address some of the mechanics behind the band. 

Immolation Release Trailer Number OneĀ 
20th December 2016, 10:04
Posted by Tristan

And so the trailers begin! 

Immolation Announce New Album And Premiere New Song
15th December 2016, 17:00
Posted by Tristan

Get ready for the return of the Death Metal demi gods.

Immolation to Tour With Marduk This May
8th February 2016, 18:04
Posted by Tristan

Teaming up both Marduk and Immolation will be making small appearances this May.