Immolation Issue Trailer Number Three
16th January 2017, 18:18
Posted by Tristan

And they’ve made the cover of Decibel. 

One of Metal’s most prestigious publications, Decibel is not to be looked down upon. Being somewhat in the underground, since announcing their brand new album Atonement, Immolation have been the word on people’s lips. 

Unveiling their third trailer this time we see a chat with guitarist Robert Vigna, who takes is through when the band started work on the new record and just how much work needed to be put into it! 

I for one cannot wait for the new album, particularly after the riff fest that was first single “Destructive Currents“. Watch the video and keep fingers crossed we’ll get some more new songs soon!

Immolation’s brand new album is set for a 24th February release via Nuclear Blast.