Both Max And Igor Cavalera Plan To Perform Roots In Its Entirety
8th February 2016, 11:00
Posted by Tristan

As we say hello to the future many different albums also will mark their significant twentieth anniversary from the past, one of which being the Sepultura Classic Roots. 

Brother Max and Igor Cavalera have stated that the band will be performing the album in its entirety on their upcoming tours later this year. Set for an American and European tour this would no doubt be a fantastic gift for the fans of Sepultura, revealing this news in an exclusive interview with Planet Mosh  Max Cavalera went on to say : 

“This is twenty years of the ‘Roots’ album, so Igor and  I are planning to play the whole ‘Roots’ record. I think we’re doing it in the States. Hopefully we’ll come to Europe as well, playing the whole record. And then I’m gonna work with him to try to work on some new tunes for new Cavalera. I think this time we’re gonna actually use a real producer; I don’t know who yet.”

So not only will there be a special one off performance of the classic album but the Cavalera’s will be working on new material for Cavalera Conspiracy! A good year to be a Sepultura fan it seems.