An Incineration Interview With : Jakob Ljunberg (Tribulation)
4th June 2015, 16:30
Posted by Tristan

Descending upon London, we were treated to one of my personal favourite performances of Incineration Festival, before Tribulation truly rocked The Underworld I was able to chat with drummer Jakob Ljungberg.

Speaking of the band’s brand new album Children Of The Night, what it was like touring with Death Metal giants Cannibal Corpse and Behemoth and how he would feel being called a ghoulish Doors!

Can you tell us about the artwork on the record?

Yeah! It’s a still from a 1915 – 1916’s silent film series, I think it’s called Le Vampire. It’s a French movie series, I only watched the episode where the still is from actually and it looks beautiful but I think it’s kind of cheesy, it’s kind of like bandits of some sort that dress up and steal stuff? 


It’s in French so it’s hard to understand, but that’s how I got it haha! But I mean the scene where they are at the opera and the girl with the wings stands, it’s a beautiful scene and Adam saw it and said I want this as cover art. Everyone agreed that it was a really cool idea, then Jonathan the other guitarist, he painted the whole thing. It’s actually like an interpretation of a still from a movie, from a hundred years ago haha! He painted it in ink and blood. 

The whole thing or just a bit of it? 

The red parts, so that’s basically how he made it. He sat with it for like weeks! 

Artwork is very important to an album it encapsulates what it might be about, I was thinking that maybe there were stories about Dracula or things like that, am I way off? 

No, no you’re way on haha! 

This is just an excerpt of our chat . You can listen to the full interview below on our Soundcloud!

Tribulation’s fantastic new album Children Of The Night is out now via Century Media.