An Interview With : Jeremy Wagner (Broken Hope)
18th May 2015, 11:30
Posted by Tristan

Recently Broken Hope main man Jeremy Wagner sat down and spoke wit The Metalist about playing the UK for the first time after 27 years, some of the bands plans this year and who in the metal world is a Broken Hope fan! It might surprise you more than you think…

Playing UK shores for the first time ever Broken Hope are here at Nambucca in London’s Islington. An emotional affair for not only the fans but the band themselves. Having taken such a long journey to get to this point a the excitement is tangible. Waiting to speak to the man himself, I spot more and more death metal fans who’s dreams who were long since unnatainable are about to come true! Poking his head from outside the tour bus I am indeed , to use a phrase coined by Glen Benton, meeting the nicest guy in death metal.

The Metalist : Why has it taken you so long to get here!

Jeremy Wagner : Again it’s been nutty man, it’s like every album that comes out we do a bunch of British press and we sell albums here. It’s always our fan base, since album number 1 we’ve had our UK fan base, its grown slowly but surely. We’ve had so many different booking agents booking us over here and when the fans ask why we were not playing the UK. I’m asking the same thing! Why aren’t we doing the UK, well it conflicted with another tour in the UK and it would hurt you guys or we’ll get it next time! We just wanna concentrate on these markets, it’s kind of like there’s no reason. It’s just been a bunch of excuses, it’s the stupidest thing. I can’t believe how many other countries around this friggin’ planet I have played over and over again. And not the UK, by the UK its the huge goddamn metal country its an awesome country. Dude we came here on a ferry from Europe! It’s mind boggling and baffling, like I said in an interview before this, Spinal Tap-ish or something? Stupid, embarassing, I don’t know what to tell people! 

Jeremy Wagner : Forget booking agents, what would be nice is if we were asked to do a festival, like Bloodstock or some stuff that makes sense around the UK.

The Metalist : Damnation?

Damnation Fest, exactly! Where we’re dealing directly with an organiser, not leaving it in the hands of an agent. I only say that because I have had multiple booking agents and I have had multiple excuses…

Listen to the rest of the interview below, where we speak about Broken Hope’s return, some of their biggest fans of which some are truly esteemed metal celebrities and plans for a new album!