Amon Amarth Live At The Underworld : Live Review
23rd March 2016, 16:30
Posted by Tristan

There are bands out there that truly separate the men from the boys. Known for their overtly manly personas Amon Amarth are truly a sight to behold. Having begun their quest for Valhalla in 1992, twenty six years on they would be forgiven perhaps for running out of steam. Yet with their brand new and incredible album Jomsviking imminently released the band are anything but. Returning to their humble beginnings to the cavernous venue that once greeted them before excelling beyond their wildest imaginations.

22nd of March 2016
The Underworld
Support Bands: None



After the last of the free drinking horns have been given out for reasons we shall find out later, the crowd begin to edge forward in anticipation of the arrival of our sons of Odin. As the intro track plays the crowd convulse together. Temporarily caugh unawares as soon as the crowd realise they are hearing the eponymous riff to “The Pursuit Of Vikings” our army is weaponised. Grinning from ear to ear as the band deliver the classic, Johan Hegg is clearly in his element here tonight. Acting as Jomsviking’s release party the band beg the question of hearing new material, to which our borderline rabid crowd hurl back a resounding yes. Into the throes of “First Kill” which performed live for the first time is rolled out just as devastatingly as the likes of “Cry of The Blackbirds” which gallantly raises The Underworld’s metallic flag.


After more premieres of “At Dawn’s First Light” and the truly venomous “The Way Of Vikings” the band return back to examples of just what got them here. On paper the act could be seen as slightly repetitive yet live the intensity behind the band is second to none from delivering classics the likes of “Death In Fire” with a new found sense of urgency. Curating to even the most studious of fan the set tonight is well organised and cherry picked to include the likes of “Deceiver Of The Gods” a testament to the band’s undying ability to deliver. Despite this being new drummer Jocke Wallgren’s first ever performance with the band the drummer delivers on all fronts. Ensuring the pace of absolutely ferocious “Destroyer Of The Universe” is kept well above boiling point.



Regardless of setting Amon Amarth have an almost unique interaction with their fan base. Smiling almost as much as howling Hegg is more often than not pointing out to a fan giving that nod of approval. Be it the solemn debut of “One Thousand Burning Arrows” or the arrival of “Victorious March” the band understand each song perfectly giving a humble display of iron clad emotion. Nevertheles finishing on a positive note after chants of “Skul!” The crowd was asked to make use of their freebies for “Raise Your Horns“. Though the audience might not be on the stage with them, its acts such as this that brings the band on exactly the same humble level. As the arrival of windand breaking waves the band return to the stage for the absolutely incredible “Twilight Of The Thundergod“. Proving that the band are more than competent at crafting their own tales with the brand new album tonight’s performance was nothing short of spectacular. Our Jomsvikings have well and truly received a heroes welcome.