Album Review : Carnifex – Slow Death
4th August 2016, 17:12
Posted by Tristan

With the arrival of new genres the likes of the space age Djent or more retro takes on originality combining the classic a modern twist. Deathcore you would imagine would be seeing a decline. Nevertheless, ten years on Carnifex stake their claim at the crown once more. Enlisting producer and mastermind Jason Suecof the band recorded the follow up to 2014’s Die Without Hope. Though the album’s title could be a tip of the hat towards the demise of Deathcore will Carnifex emerge victorious or be yet another to fall victim to Deathcore’s monotone roots.


  1. Dark Heart Ceremony
  2. Slow Death
  3. Drown Me In Blood
  4. Pale Ghost
  5. Black Candles Burning
  6. Six Feet Closer To Hell
  7. Necrotoxic
  8. Like Fades To A Funeral
  9. Countess Of The Crescent Moon
  10. Servants To The Horde

Length: 37:00
Label: Nuclear Blast Records
Release date: August 5th 2016

Spreading their somewhat blackened wings Carnifex began to experiment more with the addition of more Black Metal calling cards on previous effort Die Without Hope. Whilst remaining true to their roots each track is carefully thought out and meticulously planned. Despite the nihilistic lyrical content the aptly titled “Countess of The Crescent Moon” blossoms into borderline Symphonic territory particularly after the nightshade kiss of instrumental “Like Fades To A Funeral” before it. Growing in their approach Carnifex always return to their deadliest weapon, the breakdown. Yet instead of delivering the monotonous predictable trundle instead the band are in fact using intriguing techniques. Sounding like a fractured skull “Black Candles Burning” creates an onomatopaic stomp adorned with duelling guitar leads that makes for an interesting juxtaposition. 

The somewhat nostalgic appearance of sound effects of gunshots remain on opener “Dark Heart Ceremony” giving an appeal of the golden days of Deathcore. Yet Carnifex have understood the necessity to evolve somewhat from their Deathcore pupae into the morbid butterfly that is Slow Death. Oozing atmosphere single “Drown Me In Blood” sets the tone perfectly with a certain Edgar Allen Poe style spookiness anchored by the weighty riffs of Cory Arford. Going somewhat against the grain of the conventional use of eight strings Carnifex use the guitar more as technique rather than relying on its bass undertones to engulf the listener. Creating emphasis on catalyst moments making monumental riffs truly earth shattering. Despite its almost Drum and Bass style introduction “Pale Ghost” quickly becomes an eminent example of Carnifex embracing their more Death Metal leanings making for a melodic melody to burst into the chorus. 

The Armageddon championing stomp of “Six Feet Closer To Hell” could indeed wake the dead with Lewis referencing previous record as a slight Easter egg to fans in the chorus. Known for his fierce guitar capability Suecof will have no doubt pushed the band leading to some of the most inspired solos to date. Working both with and against the melody each lick is once again meticulous, yet sounds incredibly organic and slick. Understanding the need to adapt in order to thrive in an environment where Metal is ever changing Carnifex have brought together elements from the likes of Black Metal, Death Metal and their badges of Deathcore. Creating a tactile, multi dimensional sound drawing off a variety of influences to create a nihilistic macabre marriage of premium Death Metal. Though Deathcore might be moving out into the pasture but Carnifex have evolved to create their brand of Metal epitomised in Slow Death.  Who’s death rattle rings earth shatteringly well.

Known to be somewhat an underdog Slow Death proves that Carnifex’s bite is supremely worse than their bark. Ten years into their career they have created their best effort yet. Hardly a slow death.

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