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Amon Jom
An Interview With – Ted Lundstrom (Amon Amarth)
4th April 2016, 17:32
Posted by Tristan

Having just released their brand new album Jomsviking, Amon Amarth have stated their claim to being one of the solid Death Metal bands out there. Known for the solidified reputation, twenty plus year in the industry can sometimes take its creative toll. Not only that but having the added problem of their now departed drummer the band are strangely, stronger than ever.¬† Now on their tenth album the band decide to explore their most creative side yet. As the band’s foray into the unknown, Jomsviking is the bands first attempt at a concept album. Just days before the album’s release we were lucky enough to not only catch the band at their Underworld intimate performance but to be able to share a mead or two with the bands bassist and founding member Ted Lundstrom.

Amon Amarth Live At The Underworld : Live Review
23rd March 2016, 16:30
Posted by Tristan

There are bands out there that truly separate the men from the boys. Known for their overtly manly personas Amon Amarth are truly a sight to behold. Having begun their quest for Valhalla in 1992, twenty six years on they would be forgiven perhaps for running out of steam. Yet with their brand new and incredible album Jomsviking imminently released the band are anything but. Returning to their humble beginnings to the cavernous venue that once greeted them before excelling beyond their wildest imaginations.

Amon Amarth Announce New Drummer
22nd March 2016, 13:20
Posted by Chris

He’ll be with the band for all upcoming tours and then some…but who is it?

Album Review : Amon Amarth – Jomsviking
21st March 2016, 18:16
Posted by Tristan

Tragedy as an art has manifested itself in countless different forms from the earliest Greeks, innovators of theatre, until the likes of Shakespeare brought the genre home. Amon Amarth like the great Greeks see beauty in tragedy. Lying closely together lyric and story often go hand in hand, giving rise particularly recently to concept records a sudden resurgence in the pastiche of the seventies seems to be a la mode. Known for their Viking heritage Amon Amarth have consistently delivered excellent songs, cementing their reputation as steadfast heavy weights in the Death Metal arena. Drawing on their influences, having told numerous tales of bravery and valour at last Amon Amarth begin their own story.

Amon Amarth Unveil New Video For “At Dawn’s First Light”
15th March 2016, 18:57
Posted by Tristan

Amon Amarth have unveiled a brand new video for their second single from upcoming album Jomsviking.

Amon Amarth Release Brand New Single Announce New Album
25th January 2016, 18:20
Posted by Tristan

Shortly after their teaser trailer surrounding the album’s release we now have concrete information that the brand new Amon Amarth record is coming this March.