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A Video Interview With : Maik Weichert (Heaven Shall Burn)
8th November 2016, 17:00
Posted by Tristan

The wanderer, a proverbial term perhaps for someone who is lost, seeking a meaning in whatever it may be that they are searching for. Perhaps a wanderer could be seen as a free spirit independent of residence. Mainstayers in the Metalcore arena, Germany’s Heaven Shall Burn are very much steadfast in their musical creativity. Releasing their brand new album Wanderer this year the band take yet another step into the Metalcore march. Speaking to us courtesy of Century Media we asked guitarist Maik Weichert a couple of questions surrounding the new album, to see what he thought of the term wanderer.

Album Review : Heaven Shall Burn – Wanderer
16th September 2016, 16:30
Posted by Tristan

If it ain’t broke don’t fix it. An old adage that somehow has surpassed time malleable into almost any context the idea of creating the same has been something that we as humans have thrived upon. Building upon our craft to eventually unveil the fruits of our labour in a latest work. Heaven Shall Burn have remained steadfast to their Metalcore come Hardcore roots despite the ailing health of the Metalcore scene the band have stood strong. Yet somehow have become adrift with the times, aptly titled the band’s new album Wanderer brings to mind exactly what Heaven Shall Burn stand for.