Album Review : Blackfield – V
15th February 2017, 15:01
Posted by Tristan

Supporting, understanding and compromise. These are three of the most important elements to remember in life. Pausing for a moment from solo career material, Steven Wilson has banded together once again with Israeli singer Aviv Geffen to deliver a truly heartfelt record full of magical moments. In the fifth instalment of the pair’s Blackfield series. 


  1. A Drop In The Ocean
  2. Family Man
  3. How Was Your Ride
  4. We’ll Never Be Apart
  5. Sorrys
  6. Life Is An Ocean
  7. Lately
  8. October
  9. The Jackal
  10. Salt Water
  11. Undercover Heart
  12. Lonely Soul
  13. From 44 to 48

Length: 44:00
Label: KScope
Release date: February 10th 2017

The ever growing library that is Steven Wilson’s musical repertoire continues to increase as his collaboration with Israeli singer Aviv Geffen, once more manifests itself in the fifth offering of the two’s collective musical inspiration. Simply titled V, the record doesnt overstate its purpose. With many songs remaining well under the five minute mark, these a short and sweet vignettes woven into the patchwork of both artists. Both sharing elements from the two’s own personal work the likes of “Sorrys” wouldn’t sit out of place amongst Wilson’s own later solo material. 

Characterised by simplistic make up the bands latest release sees no over the top rock god solo but instead lends a hand to the more refined. Tracks the likes of forelorn “Lately” or electric guitar sizzle of “Family Man” echo the years of Porcupine Tree without Wilson holding all of the limelight Geffen’s contributions are just as essential with the floating “We’ll Never Be Apart“. As well as “Undercover Heart” where Geffen’s voice struggles slightly not before being rescued by the uplifting chorus complete with orchestral arrangement and the soft touch of female vocals. The air of the cinematic is particularly apparent in the second half of the record. “October” bringing swelling strings to the fore. Whilst hitting home the aspect that regardless of how low the lyrical word count might be, proving it’s just the right words that work. 

Finishing the record with that classic introspective recall that Steven Wilson seems to be able to do at his whim is “From 44 To 48“. Moving through the various ages it’s a perfect snapshot into the major stages in ones life and what beautiful opportunities it might bring whilst also what sadness it can beckon upon realising missed opportunities. Perfectly encapsulating the wandering soul sound that Geffen and Wilson play with. Worthy of picking up the album alone for the final track. Though it might not be as mad as some of the material from the two, V is a repeat prescription. Requiring multiple listens, the simplistic format of the songs give way to something truly beautiful. 

An absolutely brilliant record that brings the nostalgia inducing sound associated with Wilson and Geffen’s own touch to create a beautiful, cinematic and incredibly emotional experience. Fantastic.

If you like what you read / heard then you can pick up the record here!