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Anathema Bring Their Optimistic Look To June
12th June 2017, 11:17
Posted by Tristan

Closure. An idea that we as humans have created, we crave the idea that something will be resolute. The idea that something can finish being open ended can often terrify most people. Acting as a foreword for their story, the band took 2001’s A Fine Day To Exit to pick up exactly where they had left off. Using the artwork from the record and the coordinates of the photograph taken in Silver Strand Beach where their faceless “man” was last seen and sixteen years later we come to The Optimist.

Album Review : Blackfield – V
15th February 2017, 15:01
Posted by Tristan

Supporting, understanding and compromise. These are three of the most important elements to remember in life. Pausing for a moment from solo career material, Steven Wilson has banded together once again with Israeli singer Aviv Geffen to deliver a truly heartfelt record full of magical moments. In the fifth instalment of the pair’s Blackfield series. 

Album Of The Year #1 : Iamthemorning – Lighthouse
1st December 2016, 13:07
Posted by Tristan

For those who might have been following us for a couple of years, you’ll know that in the month of December in celebration of all the genius that has come out throughout this year we pay tribute to twenty four of the best possible releases to come from the year. Twelve from myself and twelve from Chris. In an effort to celebrate all of the best material that the year has thrown at us. Despite it’s truly shocking track record, electing  Trump, Bowie, Rickman, Prince and far too many more passing on, 2016 has indeed been an absolutely fantastic year for music. Moving right across the board of Metal and perhaps some more odd choices we give you our Album of The Year list 2016.

Iamthemorning Release Brand New Track
1st March 2016, 14:00
Posted by Tristan

Everybody’s favourite Russian duo are back with the announcement of Lighthouse their brand new album set to arrive in April and have premiered a brand new track. 

Album Review : Steven Wilson – 4½
22nd January 2016, 11:16
Posted by Tristan

Tackling modern day conventions head on Steven Wilson has never been one to shy away from modernity. With his absolutely astounding work Hand Cannot Erase. Seeing the man tackle themes of classic Wilsonian agenda, isolation and sadness are on the menu. Living in a society that thrives on convenience slowly becoming greedy in the era of instant gratification patience has indeed become an afterthought. With that in mind we delve into the transient story that is neither foreword to The Raven That Refused To Sing or index of Hand Cannot Erase and is simply 4½.

Album Review : Tesseract – Polaris
13th September 2015, 17:47
Posted by Tristan

Though Darwin might have had many different theories his most memorable was that of evolution, during a time when such an idea would be seen as ludicrous the man single handedly was responsible for one of the most important discoveries in mankind’s history. From the microscopic beginnings a single celled organisms to the slow growth evolution is relative throughout our planet. Leading to humans having the prestigious accolade of top of the food chain after we began to stand up.

Tesseract Release “Messenger” Single
3rd August 2015, 15:07
Posted by Tristan

The silence has finally been broken regarding the band and their return. Stating that the band would return this September Polaris was announced at long last we can finally listen to the first example of music to come from Tesseract.