10 Tracks We Are Listening To This Weekend
5th June 2015, 08:00
Posted by Chris

There is a lot of great metal out right now, and if you want to know what we are listening to here is our weekend playlist!


1. Helloween – ‘Lost in America’

from the album ‘My God-Given Right‘, Nuclear Blast 2015

2. Cain’s Offering – ‘I Will Build You A Rome’

from the album ‘Stormcrow‘, Frontiers Records 2015

3. Veil of Maya – ‘Mikasa’

from the album ‘Matriarch‘, Sumerian Records 2015

4. Animals As Leaders – ‘Physical Education’

from the album ‘The Joy of Motion‘, Sumerian Records 2014

5. Wilderun – ‘And So Opens The Earth (Ash Memory Part I)’

from the album ‘Sleep at the Edge of the Earth‘, Self-Released 2015

6. Keep of Kalessin – ‘The Spiritual Relief’

from the album ‘Epistemology‘, Indie Recordings 2015

7. Enslaved – ‘Nauthir Bleeding’

from the album ‘In Times‘, Nuclear Blast 2015

8. Carcass – ‘The Granulating Dark Satanic Mills’

from the album ‘Surgical Steel‘, Nuclear Blast 2013

9. TesseracT – ‘Deception – Concealing Fate Part Two’

from the album ‘Concealing Fate EP‘, Century Media 2010

10. God Seed – ‘This is from the Past’

from the album ‘I Begin‘, Indie Recordings 2012