5 Metal Bands That Could Have Owned The Super Bowl Halftime Show
22nd February 2016, 12:06
Posted by Chris

We know it’s been a while since this has actually happened know, but we still can’t get over how obnoxious it was. For a game that takes on the spiritual attributes of metal…why can’t we have some metal performers? Let us suggest a few bands we think could take the stand.


Oddly enough thousands, maybe even hundreds of thousands petitioned for Metallica to take the helm of the Super Bowl halftime show this year. I mean they are an all-American power house! Sadly the producers opted for a whimpy Coldplay.


A Sabaton performance screams ‘murica. A highly energetic frontman wearing battle gear and sunglasses, tanks turrets shooting pyro from drum kits, come on…there really is no reason why Sabaton couldn’t own it.

Steel Panther

Maybe we’re pushing it with this one, but Steel Panther have one of the most entertaining performance’s on the planet. The comedy glam rockers might be a bit obscene, but it’s just what a halftime show needs to add a bit of spice into the mix.

Five Finger Death Punch

5FDP are ‘murica through and through. The constantly hit the Billboard 200 with their releases, they are all about supporting the troops, and they take tons of endorsement deals that would be so ideal for the occasion. Not to mention their hard-hitting metal is featured at a lot of sports games. This would just make sense.


Although they don’t sing in English, their explosive performances would be so much more entertaining to an audience of millions. Wouldn’t you rather watch a man light himself on fire and shoot an exploding crossbow rather an watch a bunch of flowers?