Why Behemoth Are Deserving of Their US Spot
3rd March 2017, 16:54
Posted by Tristan

Recently it was announced that heavy weights Slayer and Lamb of God will be embarking on a tour together, revealing that their support act would be Behemoth, a band who are now scarcely a support act. Nevertheless it got us thinking, Behemoth totally deserve it and here’s why.

Consistency :

Behemoth might have begun with Black Metal style elements in their music but over time shed this different skin to bring forward their Death Metal roots. Releasing albums the likes of Zos Kia Cultus, The Apostasy and the archetypal Demigod the band are quite simply a trio who have only grown over time owing to their regimented consistency. Yet whilst remaining consistent the band have revealed that they are open to the idea of evolution within the band. Each album although similar is totally different. Understanding its milieu and momentum each record carves its own blood soaked niche.

The Satanist :

However none seem to convey this idea of the immovable quite like The Satanist. Released in the year of 2014 it had been five years since Behemoth’s Evangelion, yet another record that proved their excellence among the Metal elite. However stunted by the diagnosis of frontman Nergal’s ordeal with cancer the band went into a temporary quietus.

Having overcome his battle with the illness, Nergal’s return was one of the biggest events of the Metal world. As was the announcement of the band’s new album. A reaffirmation of their status as one of the most powerful forces in the Metal world. Upon its release the public were shown a different side to Behemoth, still retaining the fast and furious riffing the record also had some far more experimental elements to it. Not to mention the guitar work would be more akin to those of a Hard Rock nature rather than the previous Thrash oriented speed solos. Not to mention that the song writing created a truly theatrical presence making the album a truly transcendental listen.

Live performance :

Despite their revitalisation in The Satanist, Behemoth have always been known to wow those when performing live. However combine this with their faultless record and their genius live show is quite possibly hard to match. Particularly the denouement of grand finale “O Father, O Satan, O Sun!” Where the band appear, entirely mute acting as stone faced √©difices to carry the weight of the song’s atmosphere to create something similar to the classic Eyes Wide Shut sequence in the mansion. Truly phenomenal.

New Life :

After the man’s cancer scare the band had a new sense of purpose. Gripping life by the proverbial testicles the band have not looked back since. Though currently kicking things off with Me And That Man, Nergal’s new side project featuring Josh Porter where the two explore the avenues of Leonard Cohen and the Nick Cave’s of the world. Who knows this could rub off on the new material that the band will be writing for Behemoth. Either way, the band have more than established themselves before their return but now have elevated their platform to the status of truly legendary. More than deserving of a spot not only of support but of a tour in their own right.