Understanding In The Passing Light of Day With Daniel Gildenlow
17th May 2017, 11:43
Posted by Tristan

Mainstays in the Progressive category, Pain of Salvation have been somewhat absent from the Prog arena for a while, however 2017 has broken their temporary silence with the release of their brand new album In The Passing Light of Day. As with almost Pain of Salvation records, there lies a concept. Particularly close to home, the new album aims to convey the emotions that are allied with the idea of acceptance of your own mortality.

Being diagnosed with a rare skin eating bacteria, front man Daniel Gildenlow was admitted to hospital, originally thinking it was just a minor issue, it was clear that it was in fact the entire opposite. Quickly becoming well aware that his symptoms were not that of the common cold. Often a harsh, yet essential lesson to learn, the understanding of mortality can be an incredibly hard ideal to stomach. Having now overcome his ailments, Gildenlow has pooled his entire resources into the creation of In The Passing Light of Day. However a subject such as this one can not only be a hard role to reprise night after night but could also lead you into thinking, did it really happen?

Shortly before the band were due to perform at London’s Islington Assembly Halls, I nabbed the singer for a couple of questions.

Pain of Salvation’s brand new album is out now via Inside Out.