The Faceless Have Released A Brand New Song
13th June 2017, 09:30
Posted by Tristan

But do we care?

As savage as that mention might be, it has been a long time since The Faceless have released an album. Unlike MetalSucks, we know what we’re talking about and understand that the band have released a single titled “The Spiralling Void” back in 2015 but still, even that was two years ago.

The bottom line is that The Faceless have been hitting the headlines for all the wrong reasons recently. Following their string of cancellations, which was hardly somewhat of a private matter. The Faceless have very much alienated their fan base, set to head over to Australia and New Zealand with The Black Dahlia Murder. It is understandable that things do happen and bands can’t tour, fair enough, it was however the way that it was dealt with that made The Faceless look so bad.

Now the band have been announced on one of the biggest tours in the US as main support. In celebration of them heading out on the Summer Slaughter Tour the band released their brand new track “Black Star” unlike David Bowie’s visionary genius, personally it just didn’t engage me that much. No doubt I will have to give it the once over a couple of times but what stuck to me in the song was that it just wasn’t engaging.

Its been five years since their previous album Autotheism, lets get it straight the material that will come after that has to be nothing short of groundbreaking. Falling into the category of Necrophagist-esque amount of waiting time, I had given up thinking that the band would be releasing anything. This track is no indication of what might be coming either as we last saw two years ago with “The Spiralling Void“. Don’t get me wrong if you like Technical Death Metal sure you’ll find things to love on the song but for it has to be mind blowing, The Faceless have simply lost their momentum. With cancelled tours, endless line up changes and false promises, it’s hard to keep taking them seriously.